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Friends chillin with the wrong people

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by chongwithabong, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. So today was my birthday, so my friend said he would smoke me out. So i accepted and we ended up matching with his friends that i had met once before but just in passing and i didnt really talk to them. So things are going ok when one of his friends gets a phone call and he tells me to give the guy on the phone directions to where we are. I do this and the guy comes to the place where we were smoking and then my friends friend is like digging in his pants and he pulls out this bag that looked to be crack and gave it to the guy and the guy slipped his some money. Did I just help a crack deal go down? My question is how to tell my friend that I dont want to hang out with those people and i dont think he should either because he may try crack or go down with the guy?
  2. Ya know, you can smoke coke occasionally and not turn into a junkie. Just cause your mate might have got some coke doesn't mean you gotta save his ass from his 'bad friends'. But w/e dude
  3. Maybe you should just ask your friend if he dabbles in anyother drugs first.
  4. This guy tried to give me acid once... turned out it was a skittle! :laughing:
  5. I already know the only thing he does is weed and he has tried a few pills but hasnt done them lately because hes been smoking a lot of weed. So I understand I dont have to save him or what ever i am just saying I dont want to be around crack like if that crack dealer were to get caught or something. We would look bad and it would appear as we all smoke crack.
  6. well if it is crack id say something like "hey man if you want to do some rocks its cool i just cant have it hangin round my house you know?" coke id say bust it out fool!
  7. Well then basically say what the poster above me said.

    Just tell him that your cool off having that around you and your property, tell him he can do whatever but to give you a heads up with whats good when you guys go places.
  8. talk with your pal
  9. Is someone holding a gun to your head?
  10. if your friend is smart he can stay friends with these people and still not get into that type of stuff. if you start to see a negative change in him then tell him whats up, that you dont approve of him using crack or coke, but that you cant stop him if he so chooses. give him the choice man, if hes a good friend hell chose you, if hes not or is a junkie he wont..
  11. If he's really your friend he wouldn't have done that to ya on your birthday. Had an old dealer of mine say the same thing and ended up coke and OC's deals were going on in the apartment I was at. And getting me high was my dealer's plan to make money instead of chilling out. Long story short, eventually had to pay $120 for a 1/2 oz for mids and started out with $70 a 1/2. It was bull shit.
  12. I would deffinately stay away from telling your friend that he shouldn't hang out with guys like that. I would say just express some concern about it and that you just don't want to see him in any bad situations. This way you won't offend him and seem like you are trying to tell him what to do.

    On the other hand it is perfectly okay for you to tell your friend that when you hang out with him that you don't want those other people around. If he is really your friend then he will respect that you do not want to be in a situation where crack may be involved. You especially don't want any crack deals going on in your house. That was rather rude of that guy. He should have asked if it would have been okay for him to get a hookup from his dealer first.
  13. tell ur friend not to fuck with those kinda things.
  14. Dude, if it were my best friend and I saw this shit go down I'd be rather blunt.

    Probably along the lines of, "Seriously, crack? Where do you meet these fucking people?"

    But that's because I'm honest.:p
  15. I doubt it was crack, it was most likely coke if anything.

    Eh, your friend is an independent person, but if actually was crack I would definitely tell him to stop messing with that shit...if its coke or something else just make sure he isn't abusing it.
  16. Ya you don't want to hang out with those type of people. Next thing you know you could be thrown in jail because you were caught with someone who not only had coke but was selling it.

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