Friends, can a 600w MH & HPS work in a tent?

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  1. Hi friends, I have a simple question. Can a 600w HPS be used in a tent? And if so, what size tent would you recommend? I've been growing in a closet with poor air circulation and ventilation, and I have had enough. I'm browsing amazon for a good tent but I'm unsure what size would accomodate a 600w HPS. I have about 600 to spend right now towards a tent and vent system. I already have the light. Thanks in advance.
  2. 4x4 be perfect 600w..I run 2 600w hps in a 8x4x7 tent with 6" rvk l1 extactor fan and another 6" for intake. You be good with a 4x4x7 tent for 1 600w hps

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  3. I run 3 600s in a 4x7.5 tent. Seems to be working great.

    600s get very hot! Do not skip on the ventilation.
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  4. I definitely will not skip the ventilation, I'm just unsure on exactly what is needed to complete a vent system with a basic 4x4x8 tent. I Still have some researching to do, I just dont want to use LED, I'd much rather use my HPS.
  5. you can get a kit from amazon for about $150 that has a good fan and huge filter.
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  6. I see the kit you're talking about, but wouldnt I need to purchase another fan to extract air?
  7. Get a 6 inch duct fan for intake. They go for about 20$ and then use a 6 inch inline fan for exhaust.

    Duct fan should be about 240cfm and inline fan will be about 440 cfm giving you neg pressure in the tent.
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  8. no thats the kit I use. Hook up ducting to the filter, out of the tent to your fan, then from your fan out.
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  9. A 3x3 tent might be more efficient, I run 1k in a 4x4 and thats generally what's recommended. I recommend a passive intake as well, that is no fan just hole for air to be sucked through.
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