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Friends Bringing You Down

Discussion in 'General' started by Badfish90, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Do any blades have friends who are constantly trying to bring you down?

    I'm cutting off almost all contact with this one guy because, every time I'm around him, all he is talking about is how "my life is in the dumps."

    It's not even that my life is bad. I just got accepted into this prestigious intern program only 12 students in my whole college get accepted into. I get good grades, have never been arrested... hell, I've only gotten one traffic ticket my whole life. I'm working a job right now and am moving to an apartment with one of my friends. My life is going exactly how I want right now.

    Yet, whenever I'm around this guy, he is bringing up how my job sucks. How I'm a social outcast. How I have nothing going for me. He also brings up past times when I was embarrassed or humiliated.

    The thing that irritates me though is that he doesn't say this directly. He just jokes about it. I would say that he's just trying to give me a hard time but it's constant.

    I don't know what is wrong with this guy. I have a feeling he's trying to keep me down -- the main reason I'm cutting contact with him.

    Anyone have experience with this?
  2. tell him to shut the fuck up and stand by it even if he acts like you're being a dick. he sounds like he has personal issues and HIS life isn't going how he wants. people will say anything to make themselves feel valuable
  3. Can't say I do, if someone did that to me I wouldn't talk to them either. He sounds like he need's to put you down to bring himself up and that is not a friend.

  4. He wasn't always like it. When I first met him he was really cool. It wasn't until we got to college when he started to change.

    He has a girlfriend and goes to school so his life shouldn't be terrible. But I think he might be a narcissist who feels compelled to show how much better he is than everyone else.

    I don't tell him to shut up but I give it right back to him. Whenever he "jokes" about my life, I dish it back. It can get pretty tense sometimes.
  5. Sounds like he is jealous of you.

    I would tell him you do not need his misdirected angst in your life and cut off the fat.
  6. College changes people. I lost a lot of good friends after they went off to college and turned into douches..
    It's just how it is, real friends will always stick by your side tho.
  7. dude sounds like a should been 1,2,3 strikes an ur out motherfucker!
    uve been waaay to nice,its def time to cut contact..why be friends with someone who points out flaws in others,hes def trying to compensate for something

  8. I'd ask him straight up why he keeps being a downer, well depending on how much you value your friendship with him. All that glitter's inst gold, maybe he isn't happy with his life and just needs to find a way to make himself feel better. IDK I'm baked and could be looking too deep into this lol :smoking:
  9. I hate those kinds people, the sure way to knock them down a few notches is confidence and an understanding about why he feels the need to do what he does. I get the same way with friends, we dish back and forth and all that, but we are just being honest lol.
  10. I had a friend who got angry with everything in life, would insult everybody around her with backhand comments and hold shit over peoples heads anytime she could. Had.
  11. Sounds like he is channeling some sort of inner frustration towards you as a means of making himself feel better.
    It may or may not be intended.

  12. I've thought about all this. The only reason I'm still talking to him is because I'm trying to figure out what exactly is wrong with him.

    I'm moving pretty soon and it's only gotten worse since I broke the news to him.
  13. Maybe he secretly loved you.

  14. Hahaha that would explain sooo much!

    He got a girlfriend just to throw off the scent.
  15. don't waste time with idiots thats all i can say. To this day i have no real friends because they all turn out fake. Everybody wants to be by your side when shit is going great, but when times are bad they are no where to be found.

    Your life is going good and some piece of shit is trying to bring you down? I'm not sure how that could even be considered a friend...just cut him off and let that be the end. dont waste time asking questions or explaining.
  16. Find some new friends but on the real, the only people you can trust is your family and even that is risky.

    Can't trust anyone.

  17. It's sad but from everything I've experienced, you're dead on. I think most friends function solely as a sense of security for each person. Most of them would ditch you for something better.
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    classic case of hater syndome


  19. I'm lucky to come from an awesome family. My brother and I are only a year apart and I consider him my best friend.

    I'm weird where I don't look for friends. I don't really need any.
  20. People's personalities can change as they get older, and they take on more responsibility. Sometimes people can become very bitter and cynical, and they come to resent those they once enjoyed. I'm developing a theory that most relationships (friendships are a relationship) naturally deteriorate as people's priorities change with time. There can be exceptions such as family, marriage. But most relationships come with a shelf life. I'm experiencing a similar situation where one of my best friends from high school now resents me, and we no longer get along. We don't argue or fight, but it seems we no longer share common interests (other than weed).

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