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Friends becoming cops?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Mogwai, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. As my cop buddies have told me. "We're union so they can't random us. If we piss dirty due to an accident they have to send us to rehab and then we deal with the shit detail for a little while after that. Then we are subjected to randoms for 6 months to a year."
  2. "We're union?" Can you explain, I'm a little slow at the moment :smoking:
  3. Sure. Since I asked my buddy why he and other cops aren't worried about smoking and other "things" he said that the departments are unionized and under their contract they can not be randomly tested, unless they are in an accident or something else. I don't know if every department across the globe is the same but I'm pretty sure all to most departments in Michigan are unionized. I dunno if they all have the same rule in their contracts though.
  4. my brother in law became a cop, which suprised me but i i didnt really care. i still smoke my bud:smoking:
  5. Friend or not, bury that mothafucka.
  6. only if the cops interfere with my smoking session
  7. Honestly, If you're going to become a cop, PLEASE. I repeat PLEASE, stop REAL criminals. Not these petty low-level street dealers who don't mean shit and are actually pawns of this retarded ponzi scheme called War on Drugs ( more like war on SOME drugs )...The real criminals never expose themselves, and most likely wear White collars..just think about that before arresting a harmless pothead off the street for having a gram on him
  8. In the best of luck your friend turns a blind eye to you and your habits. But otherwise just don't tell them everything.:cool:
  9. fuck no i dont hang out with cops. if you piss off a cop-friend teyll get ur ass in jail
  10. i've given away all my rep : ( don't ever give anyone an advantage or reason to assrape you. cop or not.
  11. QFT.


  12. just because you had a bad experience....

    if you dial 911 because someone is robbing your house or beating the shit out of you or any one of a million reasons i bet they will still come save ur ass. you cant complain about not getting a break when your breaking the law regardless of your view about it.

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