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Friends becoming cops?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Mogwai, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. the general persona of someone who wants to be a cop is that of someone who wouldnt be my friend regardless.
  2. I've thought about becoming a cop also, just the idea of having a non-desk job and actually doing something intrigues me.
  3. It depends what kinda person they are, if they are a control loving or power loving person i would probably hope they didn't become cops

    My dad was an officer for a long time and even he has quite a few bad opinions about shit he saw.

    EDIT: on the other hand the old SRO's from my high school were all really badass, down to earth, good guys hell some of them would even cover for you if they caught you with weed and tell you to just hand it over and take the day off from school instead of arresting people or expelling them.
  4. One of my older brothers is a cop.
  5. I have 3 friends who are cops, they all smoke, not just every once in a while, like pretty much daily. Actually I smoked with one of them like an hour ago, me,him and 2 others hotboxed. All 3 of them say they wouldn't do anything if they pulled me over and had a probable cause to search for weed.
  6. I could think of it as a plus having friends as cops. If you were to get pulled over you'd have a better chance of being let off if he's your friend
  7. Ya one of my closest friends smokes and he's joining The Marines to be a Mp and then be a Officer. He likes weed he's just not a everyday toker.
  8. I wouldn't think less of them just because they were a cop. If they started being preachy and moralistic about the law then yes, it would piss me off, but that would happen if one of my friends acted like that for any reason. Lots of cops are perfectly nice people, it's just a few of them who act like assholes and give the rest a bad name, kind of like weed smokers.
  9. My best friend is on route to becoming a cop. He stopped blazing and everything for it because he's convinced of drug tests. I've started to notice changes in him though. He's the kind of guy that would do shit "by the book". He won't give you any freebees. Asshole.

    The whole system is kind of fucked up if you think about it though. They have a quota that every cop must meet by the end of the month, and that idea alone is just ridiculous. It forces cops to be douchebags and bust you for petty shit, like running a yellow light, or going 10 over, or just minding your own business smoking a j. It's a terrible system if you ask me.
  10. ^ stops cops sitting around and doing nothing all day too though

    Be proud you got a link whos a cop, make sure he doesnt become a douchebag about it that starts valuing his code of work more than his friendship
  11. Most cops become cops because of the power.
    This isnt my personal belief because of what Ive been through with cops & the legal system shit, its my personal belief because its fucking true.

    Most humans dont give a fuck about helping other people, causing greater good in the community and all that bullshit.
    They see a badge and a gun and think "SIGN ME UP!" Chasing people down, beating them, throwing people in the backs of cars knowing that theyre life could be fucked up forever, and they all have the power to control it, those are the things that turn people into police officers.

    NOT helping the community, giving back, defending people who cant defend themselves, etc.
  12. So if you had a friend that was a cop and he tried helping you out, you would refuse? Come on bro, you know damn well if one or more of your boys were cops you wouldn't have a problem with them IF they helped you out. It sounds like you got busted and fucked over and you're butthurt because you don't have a friend thats a cop.

    I don't mind cops, but I fucking hate douchebag cops. It all depends on the person though imo. Just like with any job with power, everybody here has had a good and bad manager, its the same as good and bad cops. Just with cops they can do more harm because of the position they have in society. I say just don't do dumbass shit that will cause you to be caught by cops or just be good enough to get away with it :cool: In the end its all about who that person is that's behind the badge, not the badge itself.


  13. Oh, he already has. I've thrown a bunch of scenarios at him that involve me and a certain petty offenses and he'll just say something along the lines of "well if something were to happen because I didn't bust you, iii would get blamed for it because that was my area to be watching" Or something retarded like that.
    I can see where he's coming from, but like... come on!

    He's just one of those kids though.
  14. The main problem is that being a cop allows people to abuse their power. Not necessarily means they do...but they can. Most cops aren't complete dicks but you come across one most of the time for that reason. They don't want to be looked at as a pushover.
  15. friends don't let friends be cops.

    but in all seriousness I don't have a problem with the majority of police officers.
  16. I have a couple of friends who are cops. We still smoke together :eek: :hello:

    Not mine ;)
  17. O also 2 of the SRO's at my school have been stoners and the other one was SWAT he wqas a real nice guy and carried a .45 or .357 everyday in school. He would always come chill with us at lunch and let us ask questions about his job and about the law.
  18. I'm considering joining law enforcement, the only problem I see is the drug testing. :D
  19. ahh man that sucks bro
  20. so they dont get drug tested ?

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