Friends asshole dad....2 Questions?

Discussion in 'General' started by LacedWithMetal, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. Ok guys, I got this friend (acquaintance might be better suited for him) that never leaves his house. He's like my safe haven if there's nothing to do. I just jet on over to his place, drink a few beers, and make a night out of it.

    He still lives with his dad,who is a total dick btw.Everytime I call there to see if it's ok to come over his dad always tells me he's in bed no matter what time of day it is. At first I believed him and just went on about my biz, but lately I get the feeling I'm being lied to.

    So do you think I would look like an asshole if I just stopped there without calling? And what should I say to his shithead dad if he starts getting smart with me? I know it doesnt sound like a big deal, but I never stop over someones place before telling them ahead of time. I've about had it with this dude, I call, noone answers, I go to his house they hide from me like I'm the fucking plague. Its funny, one night I went there and was knocking on the door,noone answered naturally, out of the cornor of my eye I see someone ducking down behind a window watching me leave. I just had to lol at these morons.

    I've never done nothing to piss these people off and I dont go over there every night and make a pest of myself so I have no idea why they're being assholes to me. If you dont like me, tell me, dont dick me off...that's it, Have a nice day City.:wave:
  2. It sounds like they don't want you there. Just leave them alone.

  3. yeah seriously, it sounds like you aren't wanted. don't be a pest!
  4. I'm not trying to piss you off or anything but it seems like you are using this kid for a house to crash at and get drunk and chill if there's nothing else to do, and it seems like this kid might understand you are using him and not like it. Ever think that the "aquaintance" might screen your calls and tell his dad to say that he's not available because he doesnt want to talk to you and have you come over. Maybe i'm wrong, i don't know. Just another point of view. Peace
  5. maybe his dad thinks I'm a bad influence on him. Thinks I'm gonna turn his kid into a druggie or something. Fuck em' I dont need them... Thanks for the replies guys.

    Yea Ytrap, I'm pretty sure he is screening my calls, but I dont use the kid. We've been friends for a long time. I just said aquaintance because I dont know if i should consider him a friend anymore.
  6. dude from the sounds of it.......its not you.....ppl are just fucking weird
  7. well i tend to see two ways here... Ferris brings up a good point, people are just fucking weird...

    but they don't seem to want you there... why not just give it a rest?
  8. Yeah, they VERY obviously don't want you there. Reasons unknown...

    Just chill and if he's your friend and wants to chill... he'll call. Maybe try again in a month or something...
  9. Go to another persons house, problem solved. How about your house?
  10. ive had friends that i just got sick of before and had to take a little break from them.

    i didnt stop liking them or anything, just needed some time away from them. after a month or so we'd start chilling again like regular.

    just give it a break for a bit. see how that goes.

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