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Friends asking you to roll

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by XjumpmanX, May 25, 2010.

  1. My friends always ask me if I can roll their weed, even though I dont smoke with them. Should I tell them no, or just keep doing the favor?

    I dont want to leave them hanging, but they should know how to roll there shit w.o me
  2. I ask my friend the same thing but I smoke it with him, not just use him for rolling skills. If I were you I'd stop rolling it for them if they don't smoke it with you every so often.
  3. nah man keep rolling for them just tell them that ur gonna tax them and that means u get to join in on their smoke sesh. they will either let u (and u get smoked out for free) or they will tell u to fuck off and then u dont have to worry about rolling again
  4. Its your call...Personally (not to sound cocky) but im the best roller out of my group of friends so i find it flattering that they always ask me to roll a joint...also i like rolling a joint once in a while to make things a little more not saying pipes or bongs arent social but i like having a nice fatty being passed around once in a while.

    *EDIT* Sometimes i get smoked up aswell if im the one doing the rolling so thats an advantage too xD
  5. Yeah i'd be kinda pissed if you just straight up refused to... I mean what harm are you doing by rolling it for them?
  6. Fuck that, I would only do that if I was smoking with them.
  7. If they can't roll, why not show them how? Maybe they'd take it as a hint ;).
  8. Tell them to go to a headshop, buy a rolling machine (around $5), and do it themselves. They're incredibly cheap, easy to use, and roll perfectly every time. :)
  9. one time me and my friend were at my house smoking down, and he asked me if i could roll a blunt for him to take home. he cant roll so i was like sure man, and rolled it up for him. i got a call later from him saying he got arrested. He got pulled over and forgot the fact he had the blunt in his cupholder (he had more weed which im sure he was trying to hide)

    yeah i felt awful even though i know it wasnt my fault. if someone asks me to roll something for them later i usually say no because of this incident. so yeah, just show em how
  10. I had a smoking buddy who was like that...she would buy the weed, I'd roll it all up and not only smoke a few j's with me, but she'd usually give me a bud or two.

    Needless to say, I never minded rolling for her. :D
  11. I havent been smoking with them because im staying clean for a drug test, if i was getting high there would be no problem. But ive rolled them 5 joints since sunday.

    im going to show them how to roll this weekend so They wont depend on my skills
  12. Show them not just once but at least a couple times how to roll. Stress the grinding/cutting stage.
    I've rolled other people joints a few times when I wasn't gonna smoke it.
  13. roller's rights.

    not only should you smoke with them, but you should be the one to spark the joint or blunt.
  14. I'd continue to help them out as long as the favour is returned in some sort of manner. Guys like yourself bailed me out many a time when I hadn't mastered the art of rolling a jay. :)

    But if they are using you just to roll and then leaving you be, they don't sound like very cool people to hang out with in general.
  15. Shit man, you can basically smoke for free whenever you want if you mention it to them. If they ask you, just be like "sure if you don't mind sharing a little with me." You don't have to be a dick about it, but if you roll the joint they should at least let you hit it once or twice.

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