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friends are a bitch

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by royaly_stoned, May 29, 2004.

  1. yo wanna know something really messed up. i had this friend named ryan and he had a party right. he fucked this chick there and went to school and told every one. the principle called them down and talked to them. he told on us cuz there was bud at this party. ok i told u that to tell u this yesterday my cuz was gunna have a party we had like 15 grames and we were planing on smoking it all. but because ryan told on us the principle called the cops and they were following us because of a suspition of a party. NOW A SHIT LOAD OF MY FRIENDS AND I ARE GUNNA KILL RYAN.
  2. friends are great

    people who pretend to be your friends, are no good..
  3. HAHAHAHA. Oh Shit. Wait. Wait. Skyler??? Hey man if it's you say something, because it's me Jesse. hahahaha. And yes were going to kick ryan's ass.
  4. wtf, principle....wouldnt that mean you're below 18 and not allowed on this site ? But anyway, if a principle had questioned me and my gf about sex in my teen years i would have knocked that fucker in his face. how the hell are they allowed to ask shit like that ?

  5. Um....No? Senions have principals too. You obviously don't go on the site often because many people talk about issues at SCHOOL. Quit trying to bust peoples asses. And yes I too would have told my princinpal to fuck off , if he had questioned me about shit like that.......if I was in school.(kicked out)
  6. ^^^he could be a senior

  7. Underage sex is a crime. People were spreading the story around faster than sex wax at an orgy hosted by pamela anderson. Teachers must have overheard or a snitch. They will catch your ass with stuff like that. I guess he went in, talked to the people, came out, then later went back in and told them about the party. Some bad shit, and someones going to pay for it.

  8. Thank You for being litterate poondaddy. High Five!! *Slap*
  9. wow that's fucking retarded. All of my teachers knew that we were fucking when we were in grade 12 (or seniors for you americans). They didn't care.

    And why the hell would you rat someone out over weed? especially when you know you're going to get your ass kicked.

  10. You're kidding right?
  11. so do feelgood and the original poster know each other?

  12. hahaha, only thing this thread left me wondering. nail on the head.

  13. yeah, do they?
  14. yea were really good friends we always smoke up together

  15. depends on where you are, but in a lot of places, yeah it is.

    religion is fucked up. using your own body is illegal.
  16. i still dont understand why you principale cared if they fucked, why it would even matter, how the conversation moved on to marijuana and a party, wtf's with your friend lol ..he must be a pussy

    ...better not try and rationalize this one...

  17. no prob....i know people who are 18 in highschool
  18. i hate damn narcs... they should be assassinated... i've been snitched on like 3 different times..
  19. ive been snitched on a few times and each time i found that person and slapped them like a bitch...(not acually slapped more like fucked up bad hehe)

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