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  1. So i have this friend, hes a good friend of mine, ive known him fora couple years, we blaze together and whatnot. But hes always sort of been..wierd, just a little different than everyone else, i couldnt really explain it, he just is, everyone i know thinks hes a little odd,and all my other friends do to, hes still a pretty chill guy and i look past him being a little off and chill with him every now and then. Now, im not sure what it is, cause he isnt acting different, but im finding him ANNOYING, just out of no where hes really bugging me, just with the normal stuff he does. I cant look past it anymore, and i feel bad cause im getting annoyed with somone for pretty much no reason, which isnt really something that i do alot, at all, im very laid back and accepting towards most people i meet.

    So gc, what is it? why am i getting annoyed with him for no reason?
  2. Its just how some people are bro. I know this guy who I've wanted to knock out every time I see his face, because of all the reasons u said lol.
  3. lmao i guess you cant like everyone right
  4. hows he annoying you? try hinting at some things he does or call him out
  5. Lol u mad bro.

    But anyways OP, it would help if you told us what annoys you. A lot of the time we see flaws in others because we subconciously have those same flaws ourself. Maybe you need to dig a little deeper within yourself and figure out what is wrong with you that is making this guy annoying.
  6. damn son thats a story.
  7. Dunno man, I think everyone has at least one friend that's a little off or weird as fuck but also chill sometimes, aka you blaze with them hahahh
  8. It took me until last night to realize I have few friends.

    We were sitting in a car waiting for a pickup and the two up front were just talking about some mutual friend, and imitating his voice. I was trying hard to refrain from back handing the two of them, but whatever, we got our shit and left.

    Cheers for solo-toking.

  9. sounds like your pretty sensitive bro
  10. not everyones perfect bro. just gotta accept people for who they are. if you don't like them no one is forcing you to hang out with anyone (no matter what high school tells you).
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    dude, ALL my friends annoy the FUCK out of me, but it's the moments that they dont annoy me that i still hang out with them for it. they're all dumb as shit, ignorant about a lot of things that matter in life, obnoxious drunks, occasional cockblockers, but they'd all die for me at the drop of a hat and i'd die for them too because we've got history, and we know we all annoy the shit out of eachother, that's why sometimes we go months without seeing each other and then one day we'll catch up for some beers and it's like old times.

    i dont know what advice to give you cuz i dont know the guy, but i can definitely relate. i love my mates, as different as we all are, because we grew up together from 10 years old into our 20s, we've been shot at, held up (multiple times), ripped off, chased by cops, backstabbed, dumped, kicked out of home, fired from our jobs, traveled overseas, broken and entered all kinds of creepy places, a mate attempted suicide and was in a coma for 3 days, we've been in many car accidents together, arrested, been and helped each other through bad drug habits, witnessed a guy get his fingers slashed to pieces and another guy get his forearm hacked off by a samurai sword haha... but we have each other's back, and that's a rare quality in friends these days. we have an unusual 'brother'-type bond because of those things, so when they begin to annoy the shit out of me i just take a breather and get some alone time. my closest friend, i havent seen in over a month lol. he's annoying too, but we'll catch up soon and have a good time. i cant change who they are, and they dont try to change who i am, and that's all that really matters. it's hard to find good friends like that in a world full of intolerant idiots.

    i mean, the fact of the matter for me personally is, i dont think i've ever met anyone who doesnt annoy me. but i keep judgmental thoughts to myself because it's not my place. and i dont write someone off til they do something to personally upset or undermine me on purpose or if their emotional or physical actions are just too reckless and put me in emotional or physical danger too often. but hey, probably the person who annoys me the most is myself haha. go figure. im a lot like you though, i keep my thoughts to myself mostly. i avoid unnecessary conflict at all costs, especially between my friends. but they never bad-mouth each other behind each other's backs (at least not maliciously), if they did, i'd tell them to get fucked and just go home and chill out alone. i dont need that shit in my life. friends aren't friends if they're pickin on each other, they're acquaintances of mutual interests. like colleagues at work. smiling associates, but if any type of shit goes down, they've got no one's back but their own. that's not a friend. that's just a person you socialize with.

    tl;dr: sit down, maybe write down a list of all the things you like about your mate and all the things you dislike, and then look at it tomorrow or the next day, and then decide if you still wanna be mates with him. write down all the significant good times and bad times, and if he's not filling your life with what you want him to, then you gotta cut him loose, just like a girlfriend you no longer have feelings for. sure, your mate annoys you, but maybe he's the only genuine friend you have? maybe your other mates talk shit about you behind YOUR back, and your annoying friend is the only one who doesn't? I know that my closest mate, who happens to be the most annoying of them all, is still my best friend because we look out for each other, always have and always will. drugs, fights, life, whatever, we're there to help one another through the shit. we relate, we understand each other and we don't judge each other. i just have to tune out to half the shit he tells me cuz he just rambles about crap so much. but i can put up with that, especially with my buddy mary jane :smoke:

    good luck man. whatever you do, do what's right by you both. he's annoying, but he hasn't done anything wrong by you (yet), so keep that in mind when you pass the final judgment. and be certain you're not the one with the problem, make sure you're in a good, rational mood before doing something you'll regret. i don't know exactly how annoying this bloke is, but remember; HUMANS are annoying. you, me, your mate, we all annoy someone, and someone still puts up with our shit without telling us!

    i didnt intend for this to be so long and i dont care if you dont read it, but very recently i had your dilemma with my entire friendship circle, i decided i was going to either stick around with my annoying mates and family, or ditch them, skip the country overseas and start a new exciting, dangerous life. i decided to stay a little longer and give them a chance to persuade me to stay. and on my next birthday next year, if i'm not happy with how things are turning out, the day after my birthday im selling my car for cash somewhere and buying a plane ticket to fuck knows where. i take matters of friendship VERY seriously, that's why i wrote so much. i just want to give you another perspective from someone who asked the question you're asking and found the answer (even if it is only temporary). be fair, but do what's right by you. that's all anyone can ever expect from you. relationships and our own minds are the only REAL things we have on this earth. treat them like the sacred and delicate things they are. i hope you reach the conclusion you're looking for man.

    tl;dr2: disregard everything above unless you're very bored :smoke:

    anyway back to work ;\ peace homie.
  12. More or less, a person who gets annoyed by people giggling like little girls and finding humor in poorly imitating someone.
  13. No matter what you think, chances are you won't have a friend from early ages (<15) stay friends 'til your last days (50+). It'd be nice, but it rarely works that way. You rub people the wrong way, they do things you don't agree with, they move, etc.

    I had a lot more friends when I realized I can't expect to easily find a "one and only" friend so to speak. I don't expect just one of my friends to do everything. Some of my closest friends don't toke, and that sucked for a while. I've got friends to vent to, friends to smoke with, friends to go on road trips with, people to canoe with, people to go on a jog with me and my dog, friends to go on double dates with me and my girlfriend ... etc.

    If he annoys you, take a break from him. Tell him you're going out of state for a month. Then hang out with him again. If he still annoys you ... time to find more friends. :smoke:
  14. One of my best friends annoys the fuck outta me a lot the time, he just pissed me off today actually. But he's cool as fuck a lot of the time too. I guess it all just evens out lol.

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