Friends abandoning you over weed

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  1. You know people think that weed smokers aren't humans and don't have feelings for some reason and its really sad when these "people" are your own friends or family they make you seem like some kind of low life punk who will never be anything they treat you mean yell at you ignore you its very sad I have this problem with friends. It really hurts because you know that you aren't doing anything wrong and people just don't like you.

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  2. I've lost some friends before because I smoke and they don't. It was funny to me because one of the main friends I had tried to tell me how I was overacting for going to AA because I drank every day and wanted to stop. Yea he's still a drunk that won't talk to me because I smoke weed. Lmao.

    I don't really care anymore because the older I get the more I realize how most friends come and go. I don't like that fact really but its true for me. Don't worry about the people who don't accept you for who you are because in the end they don't matter. Keep your close friends close and be yourself man. If they don't like who you are.. fuck em.
  3. Same for me man! There are 2 groups That I hang with;

    1) think they are really good at basketball and surfing (there average), dont drink/smoke

    2) think they are better than everyone, some smoke/most drink, but they dont usually want to hang with me unless they want something

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    Man I lost all my friends due to this problem. I used to smoke with two of my friends and for the longest time, I would be the only one bringing more than grams to smoke and rolling up fatties for us 3 to smoke. I would go through an eighth in two days, while BOTH of them would pick up a gram every other day. Fucking chicken shits wouldn't even get their medical cards cause they were "scared" they would be in the system. I doubt any one of them would have a government job that requires your medical records when they grow up cause they are stoners… I would ALWAYS have to go to a club for them and pick up. I didn't mind it at first, but fucking it started to get annoying cause they kept hitting me up and if I don't pick up or text them back, they talk shit saying that I'm fucked up for not picking up their calls. Needless to say, thank god I figured out that those two so called "friends" were just using me to smoke and get weed. After I stopped talking to them, not once did they ever hit me up and it's been almost 2 years since I've talked to them. 
    Another reason why I stopped hanging out with some of my friends, is cause every time we would go out, they want to drink and go to a bar or a club. I don't have a problem with that, but since I don't drink at all, it gets boring, especially when I have to be their DD. And they only drink and don't smoke. They used to smoke with me, but now all of them decided to just stop. That's how I lost most of my friends and sorry for the long post……..I'm high  :smoke:
    Edit: WOW I just noticed my story has nothing to do with the OP's post lol my bad…….. But don't worry man you'll find some one to smoke and chill with, it might not be soon but you will definitely find someone. 
  5. The problem is you are doing something wrong in their eyes. Murder, rape, theft, and smoking marijuana are illegal. You are bunched up with murderers, rapists, and thieves in their mind by association. You all break the law.
    Unfortunately that is unlikely to change until it is legalized and the stigma dissipates.
  6.  I tend to see weed smokers as people who have MORE feelings then a person who doesnt smoke weed, this is because when you smoke you experience sooo much.i dont know if this makes sense, but you grow feelings for things around you (people, nature etc) after you smoke weed, because you see it from a different perspective.
    And people who dont smoke will never exerprience this feeling.
  7. ive been thinking this lately, i find myself being way more thoughtful and have more empathy than the people around me, its extra noticable when big shit happens and people clearly dont give a fuck about you even though i do
  8. We can smoke if we want to
    We can leave your friends behind
    'Cause your friends don't smoke and if they don't smoke
    Well they're no friends of mine
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    This seems like something that would only happen if you are young, otherwise why are you making friends with straightedge uptight conservative type?
    2ndly, have you considered it is not just about the weed??
    over thinking it.
  10. Yeah I'm pretty sure my high school buddies think of me like this. We were always into the same interests, but they didn't smoke. Now any time I mention I'm zonked, they all act as if I'm suddenly so high I can't carry a conversation or have relevant thoughts.
    Just those idiots that think you're tripping balls and chasing dragons/elephants because you smoked a j.
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    I have out with a few different groups of people.
    one group drinks a little (bunch of lightweights, in my opinion) but doesnt smoke. Some kind of want to try it but are pretty hesitant. No hate, not their cup of tea and I get that. Some of them have tried it and enjoyed it. But are too goody two shoes to associate with dealers. So I guess thats what you get for chillin with catholic school kids. They all think i smoke a j and am so blitzed im seeing dragons and like trippin the fuck out. I think they realized i was high for most of school halfway through senior year and realized "this kid aint too bad. knows his shit and i guess weed isnt what i thought" meh. Horny drunks but hell no wont mess with devils lettuce

    Then your stoners. The stoners I hang out with arent all that great. Theyll pinch your shit if you or your bro aint watching it like a hawk. Plus theyll expect you to smoke em out and they wont have to pay up or return the favor. Pisses me off. Only know a few true stoners that are all about good vibes and returning favors and all that stuff. The rest just do it to look cool or something idk.

    And then everyone else that just does their own thing.

    I lost a whole lot of friends out of the first group. Didnt talk to 90% of my 30person class all of high school. they finally came around and realized im not a bad person for drugs and such. So im cool with a few again.
    The second group is where I have lost countless friends. Eventually I get sick of em and stop talking to em. Really sucks when one of your best bros turns to shit and you cant handle it anymore

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  12. Meh, people change, they may think that now however i still keep the line tight in case their perspective changes, i mean if its affecting your daily life thats one thing but you gotta look past peoples habits; but then again our lives are basically a formulation of said habits, good or bad, so its a really hard line to draw and i would never blame somebody for having a perspective that does not match mine. 
  13. ITS about weed TRUST ME

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    This was touching.
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    This is so true
    I will never get over how utterly ridiculous and nonesensical it is that a drug like alcohol and getting drunk is legal and socially acceptable; yet weed and getting stoned is illegal and therefore frowned upon by the masses by default.
    Imagine how much money would be saved in policing alone if it were the other way round and pubs were all coffee shops where everybody went to get high, and that was the social norm? The crime rate would nose dive.
    How is it criminal to choose to put a chemical into my body that has no effect on anybody anywhere, apart from myself?
    The world is a bizarre place.
  16. I'm starting to come to come to the conclusion I'm gonna stop smoking for awhile cause I want to get my life straight, figure out what I want to do and have a career. The very few friends I do have I guarantee I'll lose cause "I won't smoke anymore" which is fine by me I guess. I'm not stopping them from doing nothing with their life.
  17. I definitely can see what you're saying, especially when people who don't even know you won't give you a chance because they heard you smoke, luckily I've had the same core group of "real" friends since childhood who would always get my back and it's a great feeling. My advice, if they can't handle who you are, than how good of a friend are they actually?

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  18. It's been the opposite for me, I had great friends who never smoked weed and ditched them to smoke I guess I'm one of the few people with an addiction to it. I smoked alone so I was a loner stoner waking up at 4pm and just getting high. long story short after a year I felt absolutely horrible about myself and apologized to them and they welcomed me back, I'm very blessed to have them in my life.

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