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  1. I cheefed some shake with my friend today. We smoked a blunt, and those always give me bad highs. So I'm kinda trippin out because I'm uneasy and slightly uncomfortable, and he brought his car. So I tell him take me back to my car, and he just fucking would not, and kep asking menwhy like I have to have a reason other than my reason to go back. Like WTF, it's personal, just take me back which is like 5 minutes and put me at ease. God damn, I hate it when people smoke and then do nothing but sit and stare and turn dull, it's a nightmare. Anyway, he is my best friend and we just get in an arguements and fight over fucking nothing, because his feelings would be hurt if I decide to go to somewhere I'm comfortable, apparently I'm abandoning him if I do. God why are people so disrespectful these days. That's why I like smoking with girls, they are so alive, and you can mold them and shape them to your liking and have a really great time with them, guys always take it in the ass when you tell them to do something, and this was more like me asking him, but yet he just kept doing everything to fucking lag taking me to my car. Worst experience ever, but when I got home I played some resistance 3 and realized I'm so fucking good getting headshots with the sniper every time. Also watched some live cam shows and it was so hot while blown because the girls just looked so intimate, so real, and it was just so nasty and hot seeing that girl horny fucking her pussy. I didn't jack off but my dick got really hard and grew no homo. Anyway, I hope that you respect someones personal situation, if he feels uneasy, take him to a place where he will be comfortable don't fucking ask why and insinuate his bad trip. That's all, I typed on my iPod so it's all in a big paragraph and fragmented, sorry bout that.
  2. lol u high bro?

  3. Yea I was high. I mean the experience of watching porn was different. I really got into it, it's as if I was there, and it just felt so much more human this time, rather than imagining the girl as like a goddess or somethig, this time she was just human, and with a nasty smelly pussy that wanted a big cock in it. It felt more personal that's what I'm saying, and I really needed to watch it to calm my nerves my friend just completely pissed me off.
  4. lol i love how u just randomly switched from ur friend trouble to what kind of porn you watched today.
  5. In moderation porn gives me a boost in inner strength.

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