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  1. Well here's the story GC.. Me and my friend G, are pretty good friends. Anytime we blaze we pretty much hit each other up. Well we have another friend we hang out with occasionally when we blaze, we'll call him A. A is a total asshole. He barely ever throws down, I remember back in summer of 11th grade (I'm 18 now) we smoked him out pretty much every day because he would always say he doesnt have cash to throw down and we were using his pad.

    Anyways a couple days ago me, G, a mutual friend of mine G and A's, A, and A's friend were blazing. A threw down nothing but his friend threw down 20 and 5 for zigzags and blunt wraps. I threw down 10, our mutual friend D threw down 10, as did G. We got an eighth and I said I'm going to roll the blunt because I always do since I've gotten really good at rolling them and A sucks at rolling them. A flips out that I always roll the blunts and him and his friend say 'Oh yeah well it shouldnt go by who rolls the best blunts it should go by who can kick the other persons ass cause we're bigger than you.' I basically told them to stop being faggots and that I'm going to roll the blunt and they can cry me a river, after this they were extremely hostile towards me and G.

    I rolled a really nice blunt and let A roll one because he was bitching like there was no tomorrow (it came out like shit) and G rolled a J. Even after this they were still being assholes. We smoked my blunt, G's joint and we said we wanted to split. They kept saying how since A threw down 25 he threw down the most and should get to keep the leftover bud (a good .5).. I thought this was bullshit because D, G, and I threw down 30 together and A and his friend threw 25 together. We split A's shittily rolled blunt in half and gave them the .5 and parted ways.

    My question for you Grasscity is what should I go about doing to get A to stop being an asshole? I've known him for over 4 years and he always was a bit of an asshole but less severely, it just seemed to grow on him over the years. I would love to just not hang out with him anymore but G won't do that even though he knows he's an asshole and our friend D has been friends with him for over 10 years so no matter how he acts D just says "It's chill hes a homie" so I don't think it's going to happen.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.. Hell of a first post though if I do say so myself haha.
  2. I have a lot of those kinda friends too.I just ignore them most of the time.Just tell him to stop being a little fucker.that works for me lol hope i helped and also welcome to GC :wave:
  3. Yeah, what I think I'm gonna do is save up a bunch of cash and show him sometime and he'll be like dude lets get a fat sack on saturday, or something like that, and ill just tell him that I'm not getting any sacks with him until he learns to stop being an asshole. Think that wll work? :p
  4. moar like get a fat sack and Every time he ask to smoke be all "bring a sack or pass it back broski" lol
  5. I think every group of friends has an asshole in it, for real. Just reading the first few sentences reminded of one that used to kick it with me and my friend back in high school. Fortunately, though, he didn't stick around for too long.

    I don't think any of the assholes stick around for too long. They eventually get weeded out over the years. It got to the point where we started arguing with the dude every single day (none of us liked him). My friend offered to settle their arguments with a little chest-boxing, and when he dropped the dude in two hits he stopped coming around.


    Always heard from other people that he talked shit on us, though. Apparently he wanted to get another person to come and fight me and my friend.. all I said back was that he was gonna have one hell of a hard time finding somebody willing to fight us (me and my friend don't fuck around). Never even saw the dude after that.
  6. Wtf, if me and my homies do ever argue it's when were sober.. But right when dah spliff gets lit it's like all our troubles go away and we just have a great ol ' time.. :smoking:
  7. Got somethin to tell D..it's not chill..it's really not. And if he was a 'homie' he wouldn't be such a faggot. I know what it's like to blaze with an asshole, it sucks, and it really kills the vibes and energy in the room..

    My opinion is either just don't smoke with him..or don't invite him, whichever. Pretty much just keep him out of roto..or if you can't do that and have to smoke with him some times because of mutual friends etc, just completely ignore him, treat him like he's not there, and let him know it's not going to stop anytime soon because dude's a jack ass..he may or may not want to switch up his attitude after that. But it's whatever.

    Honestly I'd say go with the latter and if he still doesn't loosen up after being ignored and what not, then he must not care..Because a friend would be like.."dude, why are you being like that to me, what did I do, what can I do to fix it?" etc, you know? But in which case (he doesn't care), kick his ass to the curb.

    Sorry for the running on, just smoked. :confused_2: :bongin:
  8. People don't change, they just become more of the same.

    You need to realise this is the way hes allways going to be, and accept it. You enjoy your friends company for some reasons, and everyone has flaws.
    Are his flaws easy enough to overlook to enjoy his friendship... I think they probably are, or you would have walked away a long time ago.
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    Dude just be straight up and go "why are you being such a fucking asshole to me? , i'm rolling you guys a fucking blunt and doin' all the work and yes you let us use your crib but you never fucking throwdown and then threaten to beat us up when your smoking for free? dude fuck you, get your own connect. and just leave. fuck that shit. i had a friend like that. safe to say we arent anymore. he's a faggot.

    and you posted this on GC which means you can't overlook the fact that he's a complete douchefuckingcocksucker, so just leave. you don't need this shit.

    mother fucking respect. he needs to learn what that means.
  10. Sounds like stressfull people to be around...I know I would just, not be around 'em anymore....and your "sometimes friend" sounds like a weak dick to change (I assume) his personality when he's got his other friend/s around.
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    QFT everyone has some annoying traits, talk to him about it and see if he at least makes an effort to stop.
    If he doesn't even try, then let him learn the hard way not to treat friends like shit. If he tries and is still an asshole, like Joe Luxon said see if you can overlook his flaws and appreciate the fact he wants to simply be your friend and spend time with you.
    If he's so much of an asshole that this is impossible to do, well then I guess some people need to learn the hard way that if you treat your friends like that, they won't hang around for long.
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    "The next thing you know, some of your closest fellas is snakes."

    Radiohead - Reckoner (Amplive Remix)
  13. Best thing to do in this situation is to start telling everyone to get their own stashes. Splitting weed never works out unless you are REALLY chill with the person and don't mind once in a while taking a small hit. .5 really is nothing. Everyone should buy their own bags, and you guys can each put in half a G, and at the end of the day there will be nothing left.
  14. i approve this message
  15. Yeah I never can fight with people when I'm high especially my friends. Although I only have one friend I actually fight with and it's more of argument's that turn into intense ass arguments, nothing really bad.

    Anyway, I would say stop chilling with people who use violence as a way to show who's right. Those kids just sound like straight up pricks.

  16. lol made my damn day +rep

  17. My response would have been

    "You're totally right bro, here you can roll this weed that you didn't pay for into the blunt wraps you also didn't pay for." In the nicest tone

    I'm aware that it states that both of them said this, but it seems like since A was the one getting pissed he's the one who said it first. You shouldn't have even let A roll the blunt, at least pass the honor to his friend
  18. i have a friend exactly like that like woed for word he never chips in allways scavs weed allways says well since your in my house i should get more than you since it's in my house.
    He pisses me of so much he never buys weed h just scavs it.

  19. Yeah once he made this big plan how we're all going to throw in like at least 60 each and get a half O or more and said he had 60 down and we could chill all day. When it came to the day we go to his pad and I threw down like 80 my friend threw down 75 and hes like oh I only have 20 down and I cant smoke so after you get your sack just give me a really fat dub.

    I was going to skimp that fool so fucking badly but my friend just started putting it in the bag and he cant eyeball for shit so he gave him like 1.5. But straight up hes just a faggot ass mooch.
  20. leave a dead fish on his car seat.

    Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes

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