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friends 21st B'day party (pics)

Discussion in 'General' started by ipack, May 27, 2006.

  1. haven't really been around i thought i'd share some pics of my friends 21st b'day party

    drunk/high times were had by all


    me with some friends, i'm in the white/green polo...we're looking at 2 army dudes getting their asses kicked


    2 of my good friends gettin crunk


    it's not really a party until people pass out in your front yard




    me and my friend... i was sooo fucking high and drunk at this point


    2 people down in the front yard... the funny thing is... the cops kept driving by and never stopped once
  2. Why wasn't I invited :p
  3. you might not like alabama, it's pretty damn hot nowadays
  4. Yea it is....was so damn hot 2 days ago....yesterday wasn't so kinda cloudy for a little while but then that went away.
  5. what part of bama? i'm around the huntsville area
  6. Very very south 20 minutes from the florida state line
  7. damn, so you're really feelin the humidity
  8. haha looks fun...

  9. What is your high for today? Ours is....107.
  10. Looks like you had alot of fun, Ipack!
  11. Yeah that looks like a bama party....what part of bama are you from?
  12. sucks big donkey dick

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