Friend with license is selling his stuff...what are the ramifications?

Discussion in 'General' started by purselady, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. My friend is a successful businessman with a wife and family. He was prescribed medical MJ for gout. He doesnt use it very often, and assigned rights over to a friend of his to grow (in Colorado you can have 7 plants...way more than he will use). The friend is in turn giving most of it to another friend to sell on the street, giving a small percentage of profit back to the 'gout sufferer'. 'Gout sufferer' swears that he can't get into trouble, since they could never prove that he knew about them selling it. I think he is being an idiot. Does anyone know the legal ramifications of your legal grower selling it on the blackmarket?
  2. He can get into big trouble if he is selling to someone without a MMJ card.
  3. If he stops taking profit for it, would it still be illegal? I mean, he gives the product to his friend, who sells it. Could he be held responsible for the patient's actions once he has said product?
  4. He can get into as much trouble selling to someone without a mmj card that any dealer would get into who deals illegally. And he's right, if they can't prove he knows/condones that his grower is selling, then he really can't get in trouble. However if they find out he's getting profit for it, he'll get a distribution charge, see above for that. I'm sure the judge would come down harder on a grower whose selling illegally, but i'm not too sure he'd get anything more than a max'd out distribution charge, possibly an illegal growing charge as well.

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