Friend With Benefits With Neighbor?

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  1. Long story short my neighbor is kinda cute and we went to the same high school for a bit. Talk whenever we're outside at the same time. Definitely different crowds though. I was more prep she was more goth?? Not too bad but she has definitely changed over the years and looks damn good now. She showed me her boobs a few years back when we were hanging out and complains to me how she hasn't had "good sex" in like a year. Found out she blazes but how should I go about setting up like some kind of friends with benefits kinda deal? Not being cocky but I'm an attractive dude but since im not like the "hot topic/pacsun/gothish" kinda guy I don't know if she sees me like that. Shes told me she has her nips pierced and I kinda want to see haha. WHAT TO DO??!?
  2. Knock on her door completely naked works 100% of the time.
  3. 1. Ask her if she wants to smoke

    2. Smoke her up

    3. Proceed to make out with her



    6.Repeat steps 1-5
  4. Seriously the first step is asking her to blaze..
  5. What is the issue, if you saw her 'boobies' you can try making a move?....or just talk about her here.
  6. can you tell the story of how she showed you her boobs? i feel like there wouldnt be too many times where a lady would gladly show her boobs and wouldnt want to get down and dirty with ya
  7. Beware of friends with benefits with someone that lives right near you!!! What are you going to do when you've lost interest in her and she's still really into you? It'll be quite a bit harder to ignore her when she lives right next door. What if at some point she sees you bringing another girl over your place?

    Go after her if you must, I'd be very cautious though haha
  8. She showed you her tits and she said she hasn't had good sex in a long time? Dude, she's just asking for it.
  9. She's clearly begging for some dick. Your dick, in fact.
  10. hahaah n wot are u gonna do if she decides she wants t be more than friends with benefits & you dont want that & she goes all psycho?? fuck that ive been there don that with a guy who lived 3 doors down he decided he wantd more i said no he tormenteed me for onths and thers no getting away from them when its your neighbour!
  11. Get stoned with her and then ask her if she really got her nipples pierced. Call bullshit if she says yes, if she likes you she'll probably offer to let you see them(again).

    From then on out you're pretty much in the clear, ask to feel them up after, connect eyes as you do it, go in for the kiss. You know what to do from here.
  12. [quote name='"Wildman850"']She's clearly begging for some dick. Your dick, in fact.[/quote]

  13. you ''set up'' that shit?? how old are you? tell her your johnson is pierced,wont be no keepin her out haha
  14. Damn man, you're carrying high school social statuses with you after high school?

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