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friend was acting really weird yesterday

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheoryisHIGH, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. we were taking bong rips from this nice glass piece i have and he had a pretty big one and for the rest of the night he had his hood up and he put his head under the table for the rest of the night, 30 mins later he started talking to us saying he was just super high but he didn't wanna leave from underneath the table? eventually he threw up but it's the weirdest shit i've ever seen?
    wtf happened?
  2. Your friend is a bitch.
  3. he got really high.. what do YOU think happened??
  4. one too many chongs. :smoke:
  5. you friend sounds like he was insanely ripped
    some people turn into fucking weirdos while baked
    oh well haha what can you do :smoke:

    i would just let him put his head wherever he pleases lol
  6. That happened to my friend one time when we camping and smoked and ate a ton of edibles
  7. A friend of mine walks like a robot when he's high, and doesn't even realize it.
  8. It happens, leave him alone. He was too fucking gone.
  9. This is something I would have done if I had eaten too much mushrooms. Silly apprentices and their low tolerances ;)
  10. He greened out it happened to my friend once it happens when you smoke too fast
  11. Your friend could have sinus problems which triggered the reaction. Once he went green in the gills he was trying to keep his body form hurling by compressing his stomach. That's an instinctual reflex to nausea. Your best bet was to have him sit up in the chair and bring his legs to his chest to maintain that compressed feeling. Then get him to breath and clear his sinuses if possible.
  12. hes just got really high and went green
  13. He probably greened some people feel silly when they get too high they feel embarrassed for being a lightweight.
  14. Even when my tolerance is kinda high sometimes I take a rip that just hits me in the head like a punch. Its usually happens if I'm really hungry or dehydrated. If this happens I put my bowl down and sit down for a bit and give it some time to even out. One time I remember specifically where I was out side on a cold day and was smoking a decent joint. My tolerance was low back then, but I knew how to handle myself at least. I finished most of the joint and I felt awesome, but it kept building until I felt really sick I had to lay down for a little while to get myself back on track.

    Don't give your friend grief it happens to the best of us, unless he is doing it every time its just another funny stoned with a friend story.

  15. is he a new toker? when i had just started something similar happened to me, except we were at a bench in the woods so i just layed on the ground and eventually puked like youre saying. he just smoked too much, i guess. when it happened to me, i had just got super baked off my own shit, and then my dealers showed up with a blunt going and offered to smoke me out, and i wasnt gona say no to that. it was one of my first few times with a blunt and i was totally gone
  16. He lost a nug under the table

  17. Hahaha I have these 2 friends that are twins and they walk the exact same way when they're high, its funny their arms don't move when they walk they just dangle there , nothin cracks me up every time I smoke with them
  18. I meant it not nothin, fucking auto correct
  19. He got real high.... Put two and two together.

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