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Friend wants me to smoke him up

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by passtehbong, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. I have a friend that always wants me to smoke him up. He can never throw down some money for the weed I smoke with him, which I understand, since his family is having financial problems.. But it's getting annoying.

    I only have 1grand and I'm buying 10g's of blueberry for $75. This is going to be my last purchase of marijuana until I get a job and get my first paycheck, and I feel like he's sort of wasting my money.. :(

    What should I do? And he's the one that introducing me to the guy thats selling me the blueberry, so should I be smoking him up frequently? He's one of my best friends, so I'd feel like shit if I just said I didn't want him smoking my stuff..
  2. no. Your paying u have the right to ask him to chip in. If he cant smoke him up less. If he cant chip in money see if he could bring munchies or something.
  3. explain to him the situation. If he is a good friend he can understand being low on money.

    I would smoke the blueberry with him at least once. Good time to explain the situation and let him know u are cutting back till u get the funds.

    good price for the dank tho
  4. Its your money and your weed man. It sucks he cant get his own but if your trying to save you just need to tell him he needs to start pitching or your not gunna smoke him up idk my buddy just impulse bought a four footer so im baked

  5. Adress it to him ina chill way and maybe work more on establishing a better relationship with ur connection that way u dont need to go through anyboy that wat i usually do before "moochers" become a problem :smoke:
  6. i got five on it
  7. Until he can get a job and throw down some money, this will be the last time I'm smoking him things. I got him a pipe because he was so low on money, I've contributed enough to him. :rolleyes:

    But now he wants me to bring the food too.. :mad:
  8. I usually don't let anybody (including my closest friends) know my financial situation or exactly how much disposable income I have on that way, if I don't feel like it, I can just be like "sorry no money"

    Also, it's good to have your own personal backup dealer that NONE of your friends know about. In that way, they don't have to know when you grab, and if the situation ever arises that you're all chillen together and all of your regular dealers fall through, you can save the day for everyone.

  9. fuck that shit man he doesnt seem to be too concerned for you. grow some balls and tell him whats up
  10. We in a depression.
  11. Have a talk with him, see if he can throw anything, entertainment, place to smoke, food, bitches ect. see how he reacts. If he acts suprised or offended, he's taking advantage of you, if not, he's a good friend, he's just broke as fuck.

  12. He's a good friend, he's just really really really broke. He doesn't have a home phone and he only gets 2 small meals a day.
  13. If he's a good friend he'll understand that you can't smoke him up all the time. If someone doesn't have good living conditions they should probably get their priorities straight before they sit down and toke up :rolleyes:
  14. smoke him up dude. if you don't wanna smoke him up that much, just smoke a bowl or two with him. he'll get you back someday man.
  15. i have a similar situation with a friend, i ended hooking him too much that he doesn't appreciate it, i got tired of his complaining,always wanted me to bring the stuff and smoke him down for free always, i picked up a little more of half ounce and i myself will enjoy it
  16. just as you understand his situation, he will understand yours.

    people are people.

  17. He seems to be taking advantage of you. Just tell him straight up u are done smoking him up. If he is a true friend it shouldnt matter and he will still chill. If not u know he just wanted to hit the green.
  18. man if hes just useing you get rid of him because when he ask for that weed and you eventually say no your prolly not gonna see him again
  19. in my smoking group if one of us doesnt have weed, then he atleast buys the blunt. if its just like you and him then he should be responsible for that and or drinks/munchies. i see that as fair
  20. I'm letting him smoke two bowls for introducing me to his friend, who's selling me the blueberry. Unless he gets some money to throw down, my weed = all mine. :p

    Oh, and I forgot to ask; How long do you think roughly 8.5g of blueberry would last me if I only wanted to get high every 2 weeks? I've only smoked about 6 times, so my tolerance is low low low low looooooooooooooooooooooooow.

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