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Friend wants me to buy him a g but...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Themtcarter, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. So my old dealer was also my friend and always had ounces with him when I picked up from him and I would pick up about an 8th at a time but each time, he never gave me a discount n charged me 45 an 8th and he would always smoke me out. But I guess he went broke cause he asked me for a loan of 40 and now he keeps hitting me up asking me if I can buy a gram for him. He wants me to support him like I'm his father or something but he never gave me any deals. Idk if I should help him out cause I already found a new dealer with better prices so idk what to do rn cause I really don't need him anymore and he also wants me to pick up an oz from him for 360 but my new guy charges 260 for the oz. So should I just leave my old friend behind? He only hits me up when he needs something n he use to charge me 55 an 8th and 35 for 2 g's so idk if I should help him out cause he never really helped me out at all. What should I do? Should I really help out someone who would overcharge me for some decent weed?
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  2. If you paid those prices more than once, you've already donated more money than you should have. Walk on.
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  3. Never befriend your dealer, makes life quite easier, you should just tell him you arent interested in buying at the moment.
  4. Eh best to befriend that asshole... anyone charging that much of a premium is just a low life man... he's going to do nothing but continue to leech off of OP so OP just needs to quit fucking with him he can always find new dealers it's not worth giving the dude 80-100 bucks profit on an ounce. He's just a middle man raising prices because he's greedy and doesn't have a good plug obviously.

    Grow journal
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  5. Say your broke
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  6. Bro, he's not your friend if he's ripping you off. My dealer charges me $40 for 4g and usually, the bag is a little heavier than what he says it is. He always hooks me up and never skimps. Move on from him, you've been ripped off way too long.

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