Friend turns GAY after smoking?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Cheeto Jones, Jul 29, 2015.

  1. Lmfao wow ^^

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  2. This thread should have been locked a long time ago. :/
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  3. Just what I was thinking
  4. Steve French was a cougar bro!
  5. w...t...f

    If that story was real, which it sounds like it isn't, then that dude is super gay. Maybe the weed lowered his inhibitions enough to act on his impulses. Still your decision to hang out with him though.
  6. Yo it's funny as shit that these old life stories keep popping back up in my notifications lmao

    Nah bro, this story legit happened. So much ridiculous shit happens in my life it would be harder to make up stories than to just recall what has actually happened.
  7. Dude! I had no idea you felt this way. I wanted to ask the last time I was over but felt funny about it.

    Now that I know it’s ok - Wheeeeee!!!


    Now I also know why you kept making me smoke more and more too -


    It’s all starting to fit together...

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  8. Oh god this is hilarious. Thank you. Yup I met a guy like this but he was autistic. I would presume your friend is “mentally different” in some shape or form. He’s for sure gonna be in some legal trouble if he keeps that up lol. It would be safe to presume that he is a hiddenn deviant while sober. Interesting specimen. Probs the next Jeffery D, you might get to even be in a documentary!

    Idk why but I was imagining that episode of american Dad where Steve goes to a place for the criminally insain and a guy is asking if his family has nipples. Maybe the weed cancels out his psycho-hormone meds lol
  9. potgay.jpg
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  10. Troll obviously
  11. Since weed just amplifies your current moods and feelings he was already gay, it just made him feel gayer. Probably more comfortable about it high
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  12. Thread was from 2k15 lol
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  13. Lol u dumb as hell. I wouldn’t of been around em after he was run in hands through my hair u hung with em 3 more times.
  14. I smoked and now I'm gay. Please help me not to think of vagina, breasts and nice butts.
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  15. Couldn't stop laughing while reading the whole post lmfao
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  16. Your friend was already gay
    I’m gay and I smoke
    And I’ve been gay way longer than smoking
  17. Sure but this thread was started by Cheeto Jones, Jul 29, 2015. 5 years ago!
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  18. giga boo
  19. By the way he keeps hanging out with him in the story he tells..I think its probably obvious dont ya think buddy? lol
  20. Weed does not make anyone gay, lesbian or bi. If anything it lowers inhibitions someone has and causes them to express who they truly are.

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