Friend turns GAY after smoking?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Cheeto Jones, Jul 29, 2015.

  1. Man what the fuck

  2. this made me laugh so hard
  3. Weed didn't make him gay. Dude was gay before.
  4. I knew a guy (supposedly straight) that would act gay after drinking. It was rumored he was gay tho. Maybe there's something about being under the influence that puts down that straight front.
  5. He must be fucked in the head to do that, i dont know anyone to turn gay after smoking ....
  6. dude you used to post normal shit, now every time i see your posts i have no idea wtf you are saying lol

  7. if the original poster sounds wack, I can't make sense out of wackness....
  8. I do gay stuff with one of my friends all the time. But never to that extreme and never while high. Lol.
    Hold hands is common and making kissy faces and winking is as far as he's comfortable going. We'd never whip our fucking dicks out and, even if we did, we wouldn't wank in front of each other.
  9. Who the fuck lets shit get that far before they seek intervention
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    Thats completely normal. He is insecure about his gayness when he is sober. Majority of gays have had the first gay experience while drunk ie he was gay all along but he was hiding it by putting on a straight act
  11. i dont know if this is a troll post or not, but it was fckin
  12. For someone who was hating on my gay post you sure do comment on about every thread that has to do with dick...
  13. Dude, please, you're just assmad you didn't receive an outpouring of pats on the back for your gay blog update. Reply to some more of my old posts, bro.
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  14. Hahahahahahaha. I can't even get one paragraph into this moron's logic....or lack thereof. Wow. U really have nothing better to do than come up with this bullshit. Lol. Too funny. Hey, I got a goal for u to implement: get a job, a few friends, some good bud, and shut the fuck up. In whatever order u choose.

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  15. That's it bro. Or maybe I was just checking out threads smililar to what I posted and see your name everywhere. Ain't even trying to fight with ya just a simple observation that pretty much tells me what I need to know about you. Hope you find what your looking for.

    And if I happen to come across another post of yours I'm sure it will be in a thread having something to do with homosexuality.

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  16. Apparently, harder drugs make you crossdress.

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  17. Hes a weirdo

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  18. what a strange post
  19. Its called being on the down low. Gay low for shorter life expectancy in the streets. Ever seen a drama sitcom with all the cheating and gossip? he wants a fwb who smokes or sells weed to be that type of guy for him. So if you like male blow jobs thats the only thing youll get from the cocksucking leech anyway...

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  20. Damn dude your posts never really make sense when I read them lol

    there's certain accidents where you may be drunk and on drugs.
    but it's going to happen weather you are or your not

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