Friend turns GAY after smoking?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Cheeto Jones, Jul 29, 2015.

  1. Wtf lol
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  2. I knew a some people like that. 2 of them were definitely bisexual and in denial. One came out, the other is still young lol. The other few just didn't have "gay boundaries". As in, they didn't know that making extended, repeated comments about guys wangs in the locker room would be non-hetero and frowned upon (even though they were told so). I've been spied on like that a couple times by one dude, seriously creepy. He stared at me taking a dump twice, but i was in an empty bathroom and had to either let him watch for 2 minutes until he was satisfied or whatever, or get up and chase him with a brown ass...
  3. I get pretty gay( happy) when I smoke.
  4. He loved toking on that cone too much..daaaamm
  5. Must be this guy

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  6. Haha crazy ass dude
  7. Am I being PC by saying... gay?

    not a hate comment, just a wtf moment. Cheeto needs a guidance counselor so as to stay in school. In a simple statement of the Thomas Theorem: Your thoughts create your reality, so stop thinking about gay stuff unless you like it?
  8. Nah man personally no. that guy is just a psycho and weed brings it out of him, weed brings out things mentally some good some just weird as fuck i guess
  9. hit that shit bruh
  10. Cheeto, aTm and pics or you didn't do him like you wanted. Shame on you for outing your gay friend! Maybe he wanted to date you as partners for the buttsex? And I still haven't read through initial story, but from responses I believe everyone after original post is right. Cheeto, enjoy high school and stay away from the cheerleaders. Jocks will play tap the towel on your prankster ass. and i think you enjoy that, amirite?
  11. Its true! OMG i just turned gay!
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    Why is gay in all caps?

    Is this the same guy who didn't know how to deal with his friend sexually harassing him? I smell a troll
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  13. [​IMG]
    Turning point in your life.. NEVER LOOK BACK (he will be tapping that sphincter)
    Let's all throw in dubs and celebrate this blade's G-day!

  14. Lets not! Lol
  15. Watch your ass ! No for real watch it.

  16. so if I never started smoking pot, I'd be straight? Dammit I knew it lmfao
  17. When you see it....

    you won't be able to shit bricks....

    for DAYS!
  18. Call Stanford they should study him
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    weed lowers your testosterone levels (temporary) and does other things to your brain and maybe that is why he started to feel like he was gay?
  20. On point

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