Friend turns GAY after smoking?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Cheeto Jones, Jul 29, 2015.

  1. Sounds to me like O.P. has a weird fetish and is living them out here on the board.

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  2. Uhhh... I'm def not a troll and def not the same guy who posted this? I've been on this site for a year now.

    And I don't care if you guys don't believe my stories... sorry that I'm not posting threads "did i get ripped off" "is my weed laced", or posting about stupid stonerish shit. I actually go out and have crazy adventures since I'm young.

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    Meant to multiquote you all in this post.

    Feel free to link me to the other thread of the guy you claim is me.

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    op honestly are you gay? Throughout that entire story i kept getting that vibe from you. I just dont get why if the dude makes you sexually uncomfortable why you would chill with him still and at the least not say anything? Especially when he had his dick out lol

    stay away or say something
  5. I'm not gay, I just empathize with people and give people second chances and stuff, the guy seemed desperate to have someone to hang out with and I didn't have shit to do and didn't mind going to an amusement park for free and smoking.
  6. Yeah man, that dude is 100% gay. If he tried to rub his fingers through my hair I woulda stopped the car and let him know immediately that I am not gay and that he better not try anything like that again. I definitely would have not hung out with him after that though.
  7. I am not saying it was you, just that his thread may have triggered your imagination, thusly to the creation of this "event".

  8. HaHa, simply epin my friend, +1. Cool story, dudemeister.
  9. That gay was already gay before smoking or he is retarded. Maybe both..
  10. have you fucked your friends butt yet?
  11. Sorry, but this doesn't sound like a "crazy adventure" to me.....just fucking weird.
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    Mr.jones your stories never cease to amaze me.
    But yeah you fucked up when accepting the offer to go to the amusement park. Also let me guess it was his idea to get vodka right?
    After he started jacking off in front your friend you should have ignored him. Also how does he behave at work.

    Edit: But that guy smoked with you and took you too and amusement park FOR FREE. The least you could have did was give him a BJ for taking you on a date. Seriously man your ungrateful. But that's what it sounded like he was taking you on a date.
  13. Well that's a new one!
    Never had a mate whip out his cock in my company lol

    Tbh i would prolly punch him in the face if ever he did .

    Had a guy offer to buy my boxers once lol
  14. This has nothing to do with being gay and everything to do with your friend having some problems.
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    To be honest the reason why i said it sounds Fishy is because its usually a story a 15 year old would make based on my Analysis.

    I worked with people all my life its quite easy to read people even over the internet.

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    I've gotten drunk with people who act like that.
    Since your friend said he never really got high before, he's probably losing complete control over his actions.
    He's hanging out with his friends, getting high, and acting silly. Doing things he probably would of thought twice doing when sober.
    I mean hell I've done some stupid sh!t drunk/high the first few times, but never whipped my dick in front of my male friends.
    That'd be beyond the "Okay maybe I'm too fucked up" point.

  17. That dude sounds like he's just a full-on pervert. Some people get freaky when drunk, maybe he's just enabled by getting baked?

    Is that....Steve French?!
  18. THIS lol...

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