Friend turns GAY after smoking?

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    Here's something I've been waiting a while to run by you all... have you ever met someone who acts GAY after smoking weed?

    I met some guy from work who is 19 years old. One of my close friends knows him too. We weren't really close friends with him or anything, but he just started smoking when we met him and would ask to come along with us when we would smoke and go out and do things.

    So, the first time I smoked with him was the first time I had hung out with him outside of work. He told me that even though he smoked before, he hadn't really gotten high. So I had him take a bong hit and I made sure he inhaled. He started acting really weird like you would think he was on something other than weed. I turned on some music and talked to him and was trying to make it a pleasant experience... then he started reaching over and running his fingers through my hair.

    I thought this was a little weird but just attributed it to him being really high for the first time. So, my close friend invited that same guy over to his house a few weeks later to smoke. He told me they were on his back porch smoking a blunt. After they were done smoking, my close friend pulled out a cigarette and started smoking. He looks over to the other guy and he has his dick out and he's jacking off... right next to my friend.

    MONTHS went by before any of us ever talked to this guy again... but randomly a few weeks ago this guy reached out to me and invited to smoke me up and go to an amusement park. We smoked a blunt in the parking lot and drank a SHITLOAD of vodka. Once we got into the amusement park, I was feeling REALLY fucked up and told him I needed to go into the bathroom and pee and compose myself. I went into the handicapped bathroom stall and started to pee. I looked over my shoulder and saw that he came into the bathroom with me and was PEEKING over the stall on his toes watching me pee! The bathroom was crowded as FUCK too. I hear a man scream "HEY, YOU, GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

    I run out of the stall and tell the man "Hey, it's okay that's just my friend he was trying to play a joke on me". Then man says "Well I don't think someone peeking over the stalls in a crowded bathroom where there are CHILDREN is a funny joke, I was ready to call the fucking cops". Once I was out of the bathroom I was instantly regretting coming to the park with this guy and even associating with him in general. I felt for sure like I was going to get fucking arrested or something because he kept on doing weird shit the entire day.

    Has anyone known any people who claim to be straight "turn" gay after smoking? Whether it be a weird reaction to the weed or maybe they're secretly gay and it brings it out of them?

  2. he's a perve haha

    Stay away from him unless you're into that sorta thing lol

  3. I learned my lesson after the bathroom incident... most people said they would have stayed away sooner but I guess I had to personally experience something creepier than having my hair touched to understand.
  4. yeah beating off publicly is not gay its just crazy haha
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  5. Yeah, he just sounds mentally unstable. out of everything that happened, you're fixated on the gay element of this story...

    That's fucking aweful though. Im so sorry.
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    When a dude just whips his dick out to jack off in a public place, that is when the party is over.
    Also, the weed probably did not do much to him, he was probably like that before toking.
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    Your friend is "gay" and has sexual /metal issues to start with. Smoking weed doesn't suddenly make you want to see another mans penis no matter how you may attempt to rationalize the behavior. Weed doesn't make you jerk off next to a buddy either. Ive smoked with 100's of people and guess what, Ive yet to have one start jerking next to me. Your buddy is just fucked in the head, and probably needs help before hes raping the neighbors.
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  8. so, the guy who pulled his dick out and was jacking off on the back of your friends leg asked you to go to the amusement park, after getting you high, AFTER getting you to drink a ton of vodka. you're lucky you didn't wake up in his rape van with a blown out ass hole. [​IMG]

    oh, one more thing. he will ask you over to his house for a sleep over next. he will even bribe you with offers of drugs, alcohol and candy. i wouldn't go if i were you.
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  9. Yeah this shit happens to me everytime I normaly find gay porn disgusting and watch straight porn but when im high I jerk of to gay porn. Red some shit about it and its probly cuz weed can change like the connections what turns you on even tho you wouldnt normaly do it. But I am also a huge fucking mentaly unstable perverted retard so that could do it too.
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  10. Jesus H Christ.. this thread.
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  11. The things some people will do for free weed aye.
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    your friend was always gay.. he just uses being high as an excuse to be himself for whatever reason.
    you should give him a handjob or something.. that's what good friends do.

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  13. I can't tell if you're trolling. Why did you keep hanging out with him then? And noone turns gay after smoking, the dude's probably already gay...
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    I'm not trolling. The thing is the guy is really cool when he's not high, and so much time passed since the first few incidents that I genuinely thought maybe he couldn't handle weed and that he would have learned to mellow out and not act weird..

    Although now that I think about it.... there was one other incident as well.

    We smoked at night at a park and we started walking back towards my car, and we were walking on a playground. The guy said "I need to pee". So we were like "Uhhh... okay". We thought he was going to go over to the woods and pee behind a tree or something... NOPE. He is facing towards us and just pulls his dick out and starts pissing FACING us all over a playground. There could have been cameras or something there. I screamed "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? Haven't you seen Horrible Bosses?

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  15. You didn't know that turning gay is a side effect of cannabis? I thought everyone knew that.

    Also I swear someone made a very similar thread to this not long ago.
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    even if he is gay .. why would he do all this shit?
    maybe he a rapist tryin to get u
  17. Sounds <><y to me
  18. go away troll
  19. It does seem rather strange that this story appears shortly after the other troll was banned.
    The banned one had a story about a friend that took off his swim trunks and chased him home.
    Later he and his uncle apologized etc.

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  20. You post a lot of stories that sound like bullshit to me. No offense...

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