friend trouble. need a bit of advice..... (sorta long)

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  1. Ok. so me and my friend have been smoking on the weekends together. so last time we smoked we had just picked up an 8th. really good shit. im excited to get home and light up a bowl with him. i get home and immediately start packing a bowl. its ready and im like "ok lets go outside"

    He's like "i don't want to smoke right now". "i'll smoke in an hour".... i was like wtf? why does it matter when you smoke. and you couldn't have told me this before i packed a bowl? so im like fuck it. im going to smoke this. join me if you want. i smoke then come inside. an hour later he wants me to pack him a bowl for him self. so im thinking fuck you? i bought this shit and now you want me to give a bowl of like the best weed ever? so i go out with him to like share the bowl and he doesn't even know how to use a bowl. such a noob. and then he wants me to go away like inside? im pissed at this point. im just thinking. "this is the gayest session of my life" i got one toke of that bowl. pissed me off

    i forget about it and this weekend he comes over. we are gonna blaze then go to a movie. we try all evening to get some good shit. finally i get 4 grams of some awesome shit. i get home load my bong up. i say aight lets go outside........ "i don't want to smoke. that shit tastes nasty"......

    So i blow up. WTF!!!!!!!????????? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. I DIDN'T SPEND ALL NIGHT TO GET WEED AND NOW YOU TELL ME YOU DON'T EVEN WANT TO SMOKE????????!!!!!!! he gets up and says "i'll walk home" ..... this makes me even madder cuz i know hes not going to walk home. he lives 8 miles away and we live in vegas........ he leaves....... 45 mins later. he text me. im coming back to your place so we can talk....

    he comes to my house. i tell him why i was mad. he gets it and he apoligizes. i tell him "water under the bridge" "dont fucking be gay anymore" ..... then hes like acting like we are never going to be friends again. "see you around" he says.

    theres alot more details but thats the jist of it.
    congrats if you read this all..
    what im asking is... was i in the right to get mad at him? like ive never gotten so mad at anyone in my life. just want your takes on the situation.
  2. Idk to be honest sounds like you have anger problems if that's the maddest you've ever been.
  3. He probably just is self conscious about smoking (if he's the newb you say he is). He wasn't sure he was ready to smoke, and you blew up at him. Just try to make him feel a little more comfortable about it if you smoke together again. He doesn't know the ropes yet, but he'll learn. We all started somewhere right?
  4. Dont get mad if he doesnt want to smoke, that means more for you. If your really good friends let him have a bowl to himself, If he asks you to leave ask him why? Ask questions. If he says not now ask why? And when he said that shit taste nasty just blaze a bowl right infront of him and forget about it enjoy your high !
  5. I have more of a problem with you. You keeping making references to being "gay". You must be what about 16. How is that gay. I am not gay but your numerous "gay" comments are ignorant. What if your friend turned out to be gay? Would you not be his friend because now he really is gay? You also said at the top that you guys got an eighth, but then you say you bought it. So who bought it. I would love to see what you think the best weed ever is. Im sorry for calling you out but admit it you are a ignorant imature kid. "Thats gay" was so 1995.
  6. hate to sound like a douche but you sound like a douche
  7. :confused:
  8. hmmm well to clear a few things up. my friend isn't new to smoking. just to using bowls. should of specified. i'm not 16. i don't have anger problems. if that was the maddest ive ever gotten, shouldn't that of meant that i don't get mad easily? the weed wasn't neccasarily the best! just fire. I'm sure he's not gay. I wouldn't have minded giving him a bowl to himself. just the way he acted was what caused that frustration.

    oh and thanks for calling me a douche bag. a single thread posted online is a really good way to determine what kind of a person some one is.

  9. you say i made numerous "gay" comments. lets clear this up. i used the reference twice. First time was an internal thought. never verbalized. and when i said "dont fucking be gay anymore" it was with a smile on my face. its an inside joke and i was trying to joke around.

    also when i say we got an eighth that just means he was with me when i picked it up.

    don't know why you have to jump to conclusions..........dick
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    Tell him be chill or fuck off. That would be funny though if he really was gay and went home, cut himself, started listening to Panic at the Disco and additionally Fall Out Boy and grew hair over one eye in a downward slope.

    ^Assuming you called him gay. It wasn't quite clear. But seriously, just ask him whether he wants to try again [smoking weed], if he says no, just hang out with him, and don't smoke. If he says yes, and he's not chill, don't write him off as a friend, just hang out with him when you don't smoke, or don't let him know you've smoked. It is essential for a stoner to establish a network of non-smoking friends as well as smoking friends, because if you hang out with people who only like to get stoned, you will end up with a one-track mind.

  11. thanks for the advice. what you said really makes sense.
  12. I really don't see why you would get mad because your friend didn't want to smoke at that moment. Maybe he didn't feel like getting high right then, he said he would in like an hour. Contrary to popular belief, people don't always want to smoke all the time (although some do, lol).

    As for him saying he didn't want to smoke your weed because it tasted nasty, I wouldn't want to smoke something that tasted nasty either. Also, if you just got it, how exactly did he know it tasted nasty?
  13. dude you should ask him whats up rather then blowup like that
  14. I can maybe see a reason to be slightly annoyed, but not as pissed off as you seem to have gotten. :confused:

    So you searched for weed for a while and it turns out he doesn't want to smoke it. Like others said, more for you.

    It just seems to me like another one of those young-people relationships that revolve around smoking pot. :confused_2:
  15. You blew up at the dude for pretty much no reason. If he didn't feel like smoking, that's not a personal attack on you. You acted like he insulted you when it just seems like he didn't want to smoke. Maybe he wasn't feeling good or he was already really blazed and didn't feel like going home stoned out of his brain or whatever.

    Don't you think when he said "that shit tastes nasty", it's possible he tasted a little ash/resin/water the last time he hit it? That happens to all of us sometimes. It seems like you freaked out on your friend just because he didn't want to blaze as much has you.

    And you really do sound like you're 15-16 years old when you use "gay" interchangably with the word "lame" or "stupid", by the way.

  16. i got so mad cuz he did the same thing last week. in his opinion all weed tastes nasty so it didnt matter. even when he smokes jays or blunts he says there nasty. i just got mad cuz he lead me on sort of speak. and trust me. the weed wasn't nasty he was just trying to cover for some other excuse that he refuses to tell me. so i guess it'll be a mystery for ever. and no one understands my anger. it was like i just immediately blew up on him. i ask are you joking? like five times and when i believed he was serious thats when i got mad. the story does the situation no justice.

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