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  1. alright so me and one of my friends made some fairly strong rice krispie treats one time. we had like 1/2 ounce of mids, a quarter of kb stems and some kief in there. idk how strong this really is because this was the first time we ever tried it but they got me fuckin baked. i could've prolly spread them out on the pan more but we ended up with 6 pretty thick krispies.
    I got baked as shit, zoning out for like 10 seconds at a time(while on the phone with my work, not good). One of my other friends came over who only smokes bud occassionally, he was going to eat a whole one of these things. After i explained to him why that is probably not a good idea, he ate half and sat around for like 45 min, not feeling anything. He started getting high and said he was having a good time and shit, and like 10 min later he looks absolutely blown and stands up and starts tripping out. he was doing the weirdest, most random shit ever. at some points hed be shaking so bad, it was insane. He walked back and forth from my living room to the bathroom probably 20 times. then he would come out of it for a few minutes and start it again. lol, some of the shit he was doing i would've thought he was tripping on acid or something idk. Anyone heard of this before?
  2. Idk that sounds crazy, but if he doesn't smoke a lot his tolerance is probably pretty dam low.
  3. Hahah i love edibles. It keeps me high for 6 hours :smoking:

    How's your buddy doing?
  4. Yea pep who have low tolerances should not be fed edibles..I learned it the hard way, i made two firecrackers with sum mid i had left over. Me an my cousin both ate one, an he dont smoke very often at all, an he was acting like a complete artard. I had to like babysit him the whole time...
  5. he actually loves to smoke weed and loves being around it and shit but he won't smoke anymore because hes had that happen to him 3 times now. he said he thinks he has anxiety and i think when he smokes too much, maybe its triggered bad idk. seems like i would just not smoke as much but he doesnt see it that way i guess.
  6. i smoke alot at least 2 times a day. and sometimes ill be sitting around and ill start shaking bad. it looks like im having a sizure. all it is is his feet and hands got to cold and the shaking is you body warming them up. tell him next time to relax and sit somewere warm or give him a blanket. im not sure thats why i shake but it helps alot so im still going to say its blood flow issues. but it dont happen to much to me anymore. but on occasion my friends will point it out
  7. lol even on acid you wouldnt do that. your friends sounds retarded or something.
  8. Yea next time give him alot less because edibles are the shit ! I learned that after 2 chronic brownies. Wass wayyy to fuked up !

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