Friend told his mom on me

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    ok this involves me and my two friends. ( twin brothers) lets call one " friend 1" and the other "friend 2) so theyve both been good friends since 5th grade. we're all seniors in hs. all above 18 yrs old.

    anyway friend 1 told his mom that me and his brother ( friend 2) smoke weed. his twin brother smokes with me sometimes and friend 1 usually doesn't care as long as we dont try to get him to do it or do it near him. he even talks about weed with us and jokes around about it. hes never been a stickler about it he just said he doesnt like it and he'll never do it.

    last week all of a sudden I get a text from friend 2 saying "my brother told my mom on us" I asked why and he just said they got into an argument (the brothers) and he told his mom. I was pissed. I thought I could trust him because I tell him everything and he goes and does something like this. although there is some good news, their mom was mad for like ten minutes but she said she doesn't want him doing it again and she won't tell their dad or my parents. she said she will never speak of this again and that's all.

    although I'm not in trouble I just hate the fact that I'm not going to be able to trust him again. I'm not smoking with friend 2 again either. I just don't wanna take any chances. so that's pretty much the story. what would you guys do in this situation?

    Another friend said I should fight him but what good would that do? it would make me lose a friend for good plus it would make his parents mad again and then they would tell my parents forsure. so I'm not gonna fight him.

    i just think its pretty shitty that a friend for over 8 years would "tattle" me. any input is appreciated I just need some advice.
  2. Use paragraphs my friend.
  3. Distance yourself from him or them. Obviously you can't trust the rat so no need to have people like that in your inner circle. Once you have distanced yourself, and I mean declining invites, not being very social with at parties, keeping his name out of your mouth, you'll be able to live your life without fear of someone ratting you out. For someone your age, and still living at home it can lead to a bunch of problems. Fuck the snitch and keep blazing.
  4. You really expect me to read through that? Come on, show some decency now we are all adults here aren't we..?
  5. sorry I havent posted many long threads. I tried to edit it into paragraphs but it does t look much better. I'll be sure to make it into paragraphs net time
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    Yeah no worries, didn't mean to sound like a douche it's just painful to read through stories with no paragraphs and zero capital letters :)

    And to respond to your topic I would confront your friend on the issue and make sure that such behavior is not okay. You are also right that fighting him is a bad idea, that wouldn't solve anything at all!
  7. I think you should fight him. Or better yet have the cool twin fight the snitch twin. Videotape it and put it on youtube for profit.
  8. i came here because the title makes me think youre like 13.

    your story is bad and you should feel bad.
  9. smoke good chronic with the mom then blog about it
  10. That's what you get for being a celtics fan :p
  11. thats a pretty gay thing to do
  12. Lol high school problems.
  13. " im telling mummy"
  14. I'm gonna smoke a blunt right outside of a copshop and snap a pic. Brb.

    Gotta love bc.

  15. Yes because mj law is so relevant to this story!

  16. Don't get mad. Just tip-toeing around the fact that OP has to worry about getting told on.

  17. So mad bro
  18. [quote name='"Stoner Steb"']

    Don't get mad. Just tip-toeing around the fact that OP has to worry about getting told on.[/quote]

    This is more a " my friend turned into a snake" thread more than a " man wtf my moms going to ground me" thread.
  19. Tell your friend's brother what he did was typical of women on the rag, and you aren't mad, but you pity him greatly.
  20. Smoke with who you want, but if you need to hide the fact that you smoke from someone then protect yourself by having deniability for everything they could throw at you.

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