friend thought he use to get high

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  1. so back in high school i had one friend that i use to hang out with. and i havent talked to him in like 2 - 3 years and last week he somehow got my number and asked if i wanted to smoke. so i agreed to match up and roll a blunt. i never turn a smoke session down. so we meet up and he clams hes been smokin for 2 years now and says he gets high everyday, i jus agree. well ive been smokin since i got out of high school so its been 3 solid years. and all i smoke is dro, no reggie wat so ever. so if i smoke some schwag i cant get high, if i smoke 2 blunts i might get a buzz. so i pull out a 8th of purp. my dealers always got purp, and it gets you a lazy high but it will definitly fuck you up. so he pulls out a dime of reggie.. i jus laugh and tell him dont worry its on me this time. i roll about a gram of purp in a swisha sweet. and before i spark it i warn him that this isnt dirt weed and he will be fuckd up. he doesnt belive me says he smoked dro before, so i jus agree once again. i light it and take a puff, i felt it.. felt real good and i passed it. he took it and i told him to jus take a small hit but he took it offensive and instead took a big toke. obviously he couldnt stop caughing i i couldnt stop laughing. shit was too funny.. then he keept saying the weed was laced with somthing cause his face was numb. lmao.. so half way through the blunt he says he cant smoke no more so he made me finish the blunt. lol this kid really thought he could smoke.. then the next day he calls me up saying hes still high. damn i wish i had a low tolerance. i told him that "now you can tell people you've smoked weed, and really got high":smoking:
  2. he hit it like george foreman lol yall must have been sittin down cuz im surprised he didnt get wobbly
  3. Ain't that the truth.

    Cool story bro. (seriously)
  4. fucking amateurs who think they're hard shit..
  5. And he will never get high again.

    Tsk tsk tsk. Why did you have to rape his receptors?
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    I just fondled them :cool:
  7. LOL reminds me of sooo many douche bag tools.
  8. Lol I hate when people think they have high tolerance and then end up getting too fucked up. I've always had pretty low tolerance, lesson well learned.
  9. Reminds me of the ijustsmoked10bongsofjackherer 'and i aint even high' people
  10. I can out smoke most of my friends. I was at the bar last night and someone was passing a joint. It was poorly rolled and when I took a hit it was probably some cheap shit.

    I passed the joint and went back to my high quality weed. I never fault people for smoking lower quality bud. I never get upset when people have low tolerances. I try not to goad my friends though. When we smoke if they refuse a hit I don't push them to take it anyways because I stop smoking when I want to and my friends should be able to do the same.

    I am pretty high right now. I keep wanting to say "You know what I am saying right?". Lol.
  11. Almost the same thing happened a few weeks ago. I met this kid in class who says he smokes a lot of weed. So after class I rolled up a blunt and we start smoking. He takes a hit, passes it back to me, I take a hit, then when I try to pass it back to him he's super fucking high and he's like "no dude I'm good, that's some strong shit". He was so high that you could tell either he's never smoked weed before, or he hasn't done it in years.

    I mean I have nothing against people that don't smoke often, but just don't go around pretending you're a hardcore stoner if you're gonna cash out after one hit lol
  12. the fuck is this?
  13. I know what your sayin, i hate when i smoke with people and they match me with shitty schwaggity dirt shit and claim its "sour diesel". Yea sour diesel my ass that bitch musta grown it herself in her grandmas garden. I dont get too mad tho but id much rather smoke my dank.

    Now heres some shit tho, last night i was chillin with my home boy and i matched him on a blunt with some silver haze he bought from me, so i get the wrap and before i finish rolling that shit theres suddenly about 14 people at his house. so im like wat the fuck? i thought this was goin between just 3 of us that were there. People start sayin that other people are pitchin in so im like fine. I take a few hits and put it in rotation. It makes it back to me once. Then it turns out only one other kid there brought weed and he just kept packin bowl after bowl of the nastiest swag shit ive ever smoked. I hit it twice and I was just like man fuck this im out. Not too mad because i get my shit for about 13 a gram so it cost me like 6 bucks and i barely got high. I knew almost everyone there but i didnt like some of the kids so i peaced out and went home to smoke my dank with some nice trance music.
  14. rofl i know i was surprised you were the first person to even acknowledge the little girl with fucking cum on her face
  15. I KNOW I've got a low tolerance and I don't try to be big about it because I know what I can handle and whats too much for me...I LOVE "a bit too much" so I'm out of my skull, but not to the point I'm greening out and DEFINATELY not if I've gotta move within the next 2-3 hours!

    It's all about knowing your limits and not trying to outsmoke someone just for the sake of looking hard when you KNOW you can't handle it...I'm pretty much the same with alcohol
  16. this kid told me he could out-smoke me once. i brought 2 blunts of some tangerine dream i grew with qwiso hash in them. after the first blunt this kid spent an hour kicking a pole and talking about how his foot dissapeared.
  17. i was that kid, too, first time you get really high and ur like WTF this shit is laced because youve never been that high before
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    Looks like cum there Einstein.

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