Friend Talk Stoned

Discussion in 'General' started by Zimed, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. Smoked some Strawberry Cough (energetic non burnout, sativa high lasted from 2:15 PM until 7:02 PM) with a friend, that usually talking is a little bit more difficult to, although I have known him for six years, the ability to stabilize the conversations wasn't perfect, even though they were pretty good. Haven't talked to him to much while high to much either, and I have smoked with him eight times, it seems in the past we have smoked and each went our separate ways before conversing at all. Today, after smoking, it just seemed the conversation was so easy, and flowed so easy, and we each were so much more vulnerable, losing our ego it seemed and thus removing any natural ghost like discomfort we felt prior. Everything was in key, in tone in perfection. Why, what was the reason behind it? We both were extremely high, and I truly believe we opened up more, shared more and lost our superiority complex (if any).

  2. Ya....weed will do that.
  3. Weed's a great ice breaker man. I smoked with this dude I knew for a while, but never really knew. Now he's one of my good friends. It breaks down barriers and lets you know the real person.
  4. for some people...(alot that iv seen) being high makes them less social rather then when they are sober...people just get really high and want to be left alone in a way to trip out or w.e

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