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Friend sprayed buds with air freshener

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Drybananna, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. My friend, who is a complete idiot, sprayed nuetra air on my weed. Sorry for the dumb question, but could smoking it anyway be lethal in any way?

    The amount he sprayed them wasn't THAT much, but still.
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    It won't kill you, but it definitely isn't the healthiest thing in the world..
    If it's a small amount of weed, then I would just let it go and buy some more, but lets put it this way: you inhale the shit when you spray it in the air, I don't see how a tiny bit on some bud would be any different.

    EDIT: Did your friend spray them intentionally? Directly on the buds? Or did they just spray near it and some got on..
  3. Make him smoke it.

    If he dies don't smoke it.
  4. Sounds like a good game plan to me. :smoking:
  5. haha that would be epic if he fell on the ground coughing and shit
  6. He thought it would be funny and sprayed a little directly on my 3 grams. It isn't soggy or anything, I just don't want to be smoking any bad chemicals or some shit.

    Ahaha, I like this idea.
  7. I can see this working out rather differently...

    Him - "Dude... I think I sprayed something in the direction of your stash..." :ey:

    You - "What?! I demand that you smoke my stash - to make sure it's still safe!" :eek:

    Him - "Well... if you insist..." :smoking:
  8. Give him a good smack, then give him your contaminated weed and make him go buy you some more.

    Freakin' idiot...

  9. So did he think the air freshener can was funny stuck in his colon? I assume that's where you put it.
  10. If your just talking about he spread it in the room and some got on weed then I doubt anything will happen. But if he actually liked aim directly at the weed and sprayed it full blast then eh just make him smoke the top layer.
  11. Did you ask your friend why the fuck he did such a ridiculous thing?

  12. BEST idea so far:D:smoke:
  13. my guess is it was stinky pot.

    He needs to be hit on the head with a rolled up newspaper, and told he's a very bad boy... then put outside.
  14. Seriously, I think the shit you have to worry about smoking probably evaporates right away. I stashed my weed in the truck where some gas had been spilled and it smelled and tasted like gas. It didn't kill me, although these days I probably wouldn't smoke it. But my point is, a little bit of something isn't going to kill you, or if it is it'll probably be evident immediately.

    Unless it got soaked in that shit. I don't know, spray some on a plate and let it dry and see what's left over. Taste it, if there's nasty shit in there it'll taste nasty. If it dries to a powder then brush the bud off. If it's sticky I'd pass.
  15. Your friend sounds like a bit of an's ok though, it doesn't seem like they did it to be sinister, just as a deliberately stupid act, I've done things to deliberately annoy my friends before yet haven't had any mean intentions about it...I mean, you might want to get him not to fuck with your bud anymore though.
    One time, I put a match head down the bottom of someones bowl...that was probably worse...but hey, I was under 20 at the time as I recall...didn't think of the chemical warfare aspect of it, just thought it would be funny to watch, which it was.
    But yeah man I'd say your friend is alright, just trying to be a dick to amuse himself off your reactions, that's how it worked for me anyway.
  16. Don't think it will kill you, but it will taste ass-nasty.
  17. So no worries right?
  18. I dont care how good a friend he is, he would have received a solid back hand from me. I wouldn't smoke it.
  19. could you water cure it?

    aka: put ur buds in a cup of water let all the chemicals wash out then dry the bud then smoke it?

    not sure if thats how u do it or not either :p

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