Friend Smoked All of my Quarter

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  1. So, a week ago I left my quarter bag at my friend's house due to the fact I live with my parents and they are extremely nosy and paranoid. I ended up not being able at my friend's house due to the fact that I was just so busy with work and other commitments. I come over to my friend's house last night to see that he has smoked all of it. What should I do, should I like ask for money or like just expect to smoke for free for a while??? This has literally never happened to me and I am just really upset due to the fact at the moment I can't afford any more.
  2. That is completely your fault for leaving it at a friends house... he probably laughed at you and started rolling up blunts as soon as you left... doesn't sound like he's much of a friend lol. There's friends that you can trust and then there's "friends"

    However I would definitely recommend confronting him... and don't be quiet about it get loud brah

    Grow journal
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  3. When I was 15 I accidentally left 40$ at a friend's place, this is a guy I grew up with, known him since we were both barely out of diapers. I ask him about in a few days later when I remember, he's like "uhhh I spent it", no intention of paying me back. I dropped him as a friend for that, not cool, not cool
  4. I can leave an entire pounds at my friends house and come back to more weed. That's not a friend, ask for your money or cut your losses.
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  5. Not a actual friend. But not smart for leaving it there.. made that mistake before. Got fucked over so I fucked the dude over back. So you could either beat the shit out of him, demand money or get revenge later down the line. Either way that dudes not
    Your friend
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  6. update: texted friend, he said he completely forgot it was mine because it was usually in my container thing (this time it wasn't) and said he would hook me up with another quarter and then some
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  7. If he actually gets you back for it then all gravy. That's how it works in that situation for someone that gives a shit
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  8. hell no he's my friend and i know he wasn't lying
  9. Yeah but make sure its done in a timely fashion, dont let him drag it out.

    Btw he definetly knew it was yours, im not hooking up anybody with extra weed if i accidentally smoked there bag, ill just give you what was lost, hooking you up with extra is an admission of guilt.

    See if he returns what he's smoked like a man, like he says he's going to.
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  10. The first step..... denial...
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  11. He 100% knew it was yours hahahaha

    Don't be moist
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  12. You know what weed is yours and what isn't. There should be no "I didn't know", a random quarter extra shows up and he smokes it without even thinking if you left it, not even a text. I'd give him until he got paid (max 2 weeks) and expect either cash, or weed. I'd be pissed as well, but make sure you don't leave anything anywhere. This will either be a minor inconvenience, or a loss; either way, find better people to hang out with.
    Trust has to go both ways in ANY relationship.
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  13. How do you just "forget" hopefully he does repay you as promised, however he doesn't sound too trustworthy, I would be very cautious around him. You don't somehow wind up with extra bud and not question where it came from..

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  14. I remember back in high school I asked a friend to hold onto an eighth for me, when he returned it, it was barely a gram..he claimed he "couldn't hold out"

    Do you know where that friend is now? No? ...Well neither do, ended the friendship on the spot and avoided him like the plague, don't need people like that in your life..

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  15. Yeah he is prob a dumbass if he smoked all your stash
  16. Bang his sister
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  17. what so he just found a quarter at his place and assumed it's 7g he just forgot about? hahaha

    i've smoked my friends weed accidentally before , but it was 0.5g in a grinder that I had ground more of my own bud on top of once I got home high not realizing... but 7g? C'mon man
  18. You should man up and keep your own stash instead of leaving it with a friend. Youre not much of a friend if you can't handle the risk but think it is ok to put it on someone else. As far as how to deal with your friend, if it's a real friend then write it up as a costly lesson in responsibility.
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  19. Sisters are easier than moms depending on where your from

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