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Friend Pukes Every Time He Smokes

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by burned one, May 25, 2013.

  1. So I have this friend that I've been trying to somewhat introduce to weed. He's cool with it and doesn't mind if I smoke, but every time I've gotten him to smoke he takes like 2 hits and is okay for a few minutes but then he starts violently puking and after that he just kinda shuts down, like just goes to sleep.
    I'm starting to think he might be some kind of allergic or something? or maybe he just has a ridiculously low tolerance. This has happened multiple times though, and the situation plays out exactly the same every time.
    So has anyone experienced this or had a friend like this? What could I do to help him? Give me some insight on this if you have any.

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    What kind of smoking tool are you using? If it's a blunt then I could see why, certain people can get immune to the effects of added tobacco. 
    Also he might have a stomach acid reflex problem, if anything you could try alternative methods like making edibles. 
  3. he just can't handle it. getting high effects everyone differently. try him out on some reggie.
    Yeah, if you're smoking a blunt and he's not a regular tobacco smoker, that will do it.
    If not, weed probably isn't his thing.
     I think he just gets really, really, fucking stoned lol. I would do just that but I'm not even sure where to get reggie.. all my connects are for good weed. Guess I'll have to ask around. 
  6. My friend literally does the same thing. He has been smoking for several months now, one per two weeks or so and sometimes, not always, he pukes. I have no idea why, but I know that I've been getting him some really dank weed. We've smoked out of a pipe, small bottle bong, glass bong, joints, one hitters, he's puked with all of them.

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  8. Just put a tiny amount in at once and leave a few minutes in between bowls.
    That way you may have to hit a few times but you can gradually get to a good level rather than go straight  from 0-stoned.
  9. Try having him smoke out of a one hitter and have him take it slow.
  10. Have your friend take a smaller hits.  Have him take a hit and then wait a little bit before the next.
  11. probably not used to the tobacco in blunts, or maybe he's smoking too much at once for a noob, i almost puked the first time i did it cuz i took 10 hits of some reg. It could also be a hydration problem, being properly hydrated is good for fighting green outs.
  12. What kind of smoking tool are you using? If it's a
  13. You should probably get a new friend..
    Haha jk just give him smaller hits. I compare Bud to Alcohol in tolerance terms. If you can take 6 shots and get drunk, but your friend who never drinks and is 50lbs less than you takes 6 he will most likely get sick.
    Let him take a rip, sit and wait 5-10 minutes, if he wants more go for it.
  14. Have him smoke an eighth in a sitting. 
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    Sounds like cannabis hyperemsis syndrome it's where you react to weed by violently vomiting and having stomach pains. There's one guy on here that is a sufferer of this and has alot of good info. Sadly all you can do to stop it is not smoking.
  16. Only the vomiting happened to me.
    It only happened to me when i first started smoking and when i started i would only use bongs.
    For me i just kept smoking and i stopped.
  17. Not sure if he has Cannabis Hyperemsis Syndrome, but the same thing happened to my friend first time he smoked. Puked his brains out for hours after taking one hit. I don't think he'll never touch the stuff again now. Sucks that his first experience was so bad.
  18. weed is not for every one if he has a negative reaction then dont have him smoke

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