Friend Problems, what would you do?

Discussion in 'General' started by TheBlueBeast, May 31, 2009.

  1. Ok, this may be a bit long but I really need to lean on my buds here at GC and try to get some more insight here.

    So I have a buddy who has been my best friend since I was 16 when I moved to where I live. We smoked everyday together for over 5 years. So about a year and a half ago he started dating this girl we'll call Amanda.

    Well Amanda likes to party and have a good time like everyone else, but her problem is she is insecure and she doesn't smoke pot, rather she is an Opiate head. Now at first no one knew it was bad, but over the course of the last 18 months she has drained my buddies bank account, caused him and his parents to have a huge falling out, he's lost countless friend and gained many enemies.

    My buddy has been arrested twice since Amanda has came into the picture, both for possession of marijuana, which we all here know is bullshit. But now he has a warrant out and it's for domestic battery.

    Now I know this girl decently well, and while she may be a bitch and she does some fucked up shit to get her pills, she doesn't deserve to be beat up. I know for a fact he has hit her pretty good on at last 3 different occasions and each time it has gotten worse. This last time there was glass everywhere and he was all shaking and I really thought she was done for. Mind you this is all just what I have been able to see.

    And now over the course of the past 6 months he has started to distance himself from all his true friends and is trying to just alienate everyone for the sake of this girl who wants him for his pill connects and the fact he always buys her shit for her.

    My problem is that he has an $8,000 dollar warrant and while I want my best friend out of jail, I also think at this point maybe jail would be good for him. It seperates them and he is able to sit and think and get things straightened out. The cops are even looking for him, and I don't know about lying to cops about his wherabouts or anything when I know right where he is.

    What would you do? Honest thoughts and comments and thanks for reading! :confused:
  2. Seeing as how he alienated himself from you I would consider turning him in for the 8 thousand if he choose someone who has fucked his shit up over a true friend, but if he hasn't changed from when you guys were 16 and best friends than I wouldn't turn him in because he is still your best friend and a good guy even if he has that girl in the middle of it all.
  3. I feel you man. Ive been in a sort of similar situation. But to me it sounds like jail might be good for your friend at this point, because as long as hes got that girl around and is tied up in getting her pills and shit, things are going to escalate eventually and its just going to be bad for everyone involved.

    So i think that if you help convince him to turn him self in that will save him a lot of trouble in the future. But good luck brotha!:smoking:
  4. Fuck your friend man take the 8 grand and get some new ones.
  5. I won't get the 8 grand, but I will get som cash for a reward, but that isn't important. I Want to see a friend get his life back on track and doing the right thing.

    His parents have his bail money set out for him already, but he is so scared of going to jail that he won't turn himsef in. So they are resorting to hoping he gets arrested. Who the hell sits at hom hoping to get a call their son is in jail?!

    And I just think that jail would give him time to think about what really matters. Cuz he's gonna end up doing the time anyway, and he is going to be doing it alone, paying for mistakes from two people. And he has totally changed from when we were 16, he can't even answer his own cell phone anymore, she always has it because she is afraid of missing a call on pills.

    I'll say this, it's a rough situation to be ni and it sucks.
  6. thats a pretty tough situation
    the right thing would be to turn him in, cause then he could get on his way to getting his life back together, yknow?
    but at the same time, if he found out it was you who turned him in, hed probly have a hell of a time forgiving you..

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