friend passes out after smoking bubble hash , i lmfao.. turns out it was a seizure he is epileptic and cant smoke anymore

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  1. I feel like a dick for laughing ( when I didn't know it was a seizure just thought he was really high ) and we haven't hung out since :/

  2. That's weird, people with epilepsy usually smoke weed to not get seizures.
  3. That seems strange man, one of my good pals smokes all day erryday to control his epilepsy.
  4. maybe his doctor lied to him because he didn't want him smoking .... sneaky fuckers
  5. I don't really know much about epilepsy, but you should tell him to search on it dude. As far as I know bud is extremely effective in treating it.
  6. I thought the same and told him that , it wasn't the first time it happened to him.. we don't hang out anymore anyhow he prolly thinks im a nutter LOL
  7. @[member="Solo Dolo"] yep it is very good for reducing the amount of seizures someone has. Many kids have seizures and their parents give them edibles. From what I know it is very effective. 
  8. Could of been lack if oxygen to the brain, I got a mate that passes out after heavy sessions he's done it 3-4 times need to smoke a good q to a half between 2 of us for him to do it tho.
  9. Bull shit. Weed raises the seizure threshold making it much more difficult to have one.
  10. I called bullshit as well... how do doctors get away with lying like this ?
  11. his general practitioner told him it was because of marijuana LOL
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    most doctors arent going to promote a natural, grow it your own at home medicine, instead they give you addictive, painful drugs! just nod and smile, patient.
  13. Really shows you how much doctors actually know about what they're saying. sad world man  :eek:
  14. agreed, doctors are good if you have a cold or infection or injured accidents ect... not much more than that it seems
  15. There are different types of seizures….they're not all the same, and some can't be treated with mmj.
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    It's not like there is a lack of knowledge in the medicinal community when it comes to marijuana. They are marginally all well aware that this is a natural, beneficial plant, that has a myriad of positive attributes. They opt to shun the plant because it can and will be (legally or illegally) financially competitive with Big Pharma, and that's bad for business. You tie in the fact that all these major corporations are attached to politicians, bureaucrats, and lobbyists, and you have the reason why there is so much red tape surrounding something that is initially so obvious to much of the world today.
    yeah that's one of the few things that'll get you a MMJ card in my state.
  18. My ex smoked weed to control his seizures. Actually stopped taking the prescription drugs because marijuana helped so much.
  19. fire that quack with extreme prejudice...[​IMG]
  20. [quote name="phunk doc" post="19203871" timestamp="1387629573"]most doctors arent going to promote a natural, grow it your own at home medicine, instead they give you addictive, painful drugs! just nod and smile, patient.[/quote]That's what I do anymore lol. Dumbass doc is always talking down on it, pisses me off. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum

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