Friend passed out?

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  1. Hello grasscity! Sooo a while back me and my friends were going to see the lion king 3d and get stoned. After smoking , my friends and i walk out of the woods and one of them stared complaining about not being able to see. We dismissed it as nothing and told her we'd get her eye drops. Suddenly we look back and she's turned as pale as a corpse, her lips turned blue and under her eyes got incredibly black/purple and she fainted for a good 3 or so minutes. Does anyone know what happened?i had been smoking for about 3 years at the time and nothing of the sort had ever happened to me before that.
  2. Probably dehydrated, didn't each much, didn't sleep much, etc..
  3. Yea I would say most likely eating since mj does make u incredibly hungry
  4. She caught a slight case of happens.
  5. [quote name='"klondikebar72"']Feel her up while she was out?[/quote]

    No, but i did call the ambulance and then have to convince them not to come.

  6. You fail.
  7. [quote name='"Jazzyj"']Probably dehydrated, didn't each much, didn't sleep much, etc..[/quote]

    Thanks, i always thought that but i was never sure.
  8. Could've maybe been a mild whitey
  9. sudden drop of blood pressure
  10. It could be a few things, low blood sugar, sudden drop in blood pressure, dehydrated, but all that's just a guess at best.

    It would probably be a good idea to get that checked out, and don't lie to the doc saying you we're just walking around the woods completely sober. They'll either know you're lying (most likely) and not be able to do accurately diagnose your friend or believe you and could be concerned about a more serious disorder which she may not have but that's what the doc came to with the info that was given.

    Most don't give two shits about people smoking ganja, they usually just want to figure out what's happening.
  11. Don't worry about it, it happens easily. Change in blood pressure combined with either not eating enough, not sleeping enough or dehydration. Just make sure she's eaten and drank something during the day beforehand next time.
  12. Deffinatly think its from not eating, same thing happened to me at school one day, felt real outta breath like i had just been running or something, start walkin inside and all the sudden vision goes completly white and ears start ringing, felt rapidly hot and then cold, made it inside, drank some water, ate and felt much better.
  13. That used to happen to me when I didn't eat. Girls tend to get low blood sugar easily if we don't eat enough, in my experience. I have seen it happen to other girls, too.

    One time my friends even called a paramedic and they just said give me some juice or a sweet drink and I will be fine. Sure enough, I felt much better in like 10 minutes.
  14. i've hit my head on the dishwasher before from a ridiculous weed/hash/weed knife hit to the dome... had time to set the knives down, remember thinking "i should probably let this smoke go" and them BAM! i regain consciousness on the kitchen floor, i thought it was an urban legend until then...

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