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  1. Ok so last night a friend of a friend told me that he wanted to smoke bad and that he hasnt in a while. i thought ok this could be good so he said he wanted to throw down 40 dollars and smoke all night. after this i was smiling from ear to ear because he never smokes more than a blunt or two before hes out for the night.
    Anyway, he gives me the money. i get a quarter of mids and go on with our night. i roll up a 2.5 gram joint. this thing was wider than it was long. so we go into the woods near his house to smoke and were sitting there tokin for a good 25 minutes when about 3/4ths of the way thru the joint i hear a big THUNNNKKK...he was holding onto a thin tree and said "guys i see black!" and bam he went down like mike tyson had a grudge against him. he fell straight down and then over onto a log and then the ground. he then started shakin a little.
    i have never seen anyone go out like that and start shakin so i was staring at him for a good 3 minutes before i realized what was goin on. it kinda scared me too..i didnt want anyone dyin on me. he got up about 10 min later and asked what happened and how long and why was he sitting in a bunch of weeds. we all couldnt control our laughter. i felt bad but it was funny as hell.
    has anyone ever had their friends pass out on them like this?.. i mean i know drunks do it all the time but ive never seen someone do it from just smoking a joint.

    anyway sorry for the bored and buzzed but it would be cool to hear your guys stories about friends or you passin out or something along that line
  2. :laughing:
  3. I've never seen anyone pass out but my friend took a nap on a log once and he would not wake up for anything. We yelled at him, threw rocks at his chest, even sat on him but he was out cold. eventually we got the idea to pour water on his face but the only water around was the bong water, man was he pissed.
  4. Ya i use to smoke with about 5 really close friends, we would always smoke together every weekend and such. We went through a lot together, but i know we all remember one of our friends who had a talent for passing out on any object anywhere, it was incredibly funny. We were all really good friends and we never fucked with him ever, but i must say that it was hilarious thinking about all the spots he passed out in. A few off the top of my head are things like a wooden dining room chair (not comfortable at all), his couch while his parents were home, and one time he fell asleep in his snack pack as he was eating it, when he came to about 20minutes later he had a huge glob of chocolate pudding up and around his nose, we all got a laugh out of that.
  5. lol. Wow, that would suck to just pass out like that. Well I have never seen people black out before, but I have seen a few friends throw up after they smoke.
  6. it actually happened to me once i hit a big bowl and went to blow it out of my friend sliding glass door and next thing i knew i was on the floor and my leg was twitching lol. they said i passed out and hit my head off the door. ive had it almost happen a couple times and im pretty sure its more likely to happen if you smoke on an empty stomach. mabye thats wat happened to ur friend?
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    a girl i know passed out from heat stroke while waiting in line for a theme park. the ambulance came and got her and she was ok. but was scary as fuck.

    stay hydrated when smoking. if you get dehydrated you could pass out for sure.
  8. haha.. I saw black once, I was in a coffeeshop in Amsterdam by myself and I hit the bong I'd rented and immediately got tunnel vision. All I could think of was I didn't want to fall off my chair in front of all those strangers and have them think I was a noob :rolleyes:

    ..all I could see was a circle about the size of a penny right in front of me everything else was black, so I focused on a point on the wall and concentrated on breathing real smooth and deep, after a minute or two the black started to go away and then I felt fine again

    I looked around the room and no one was looking at me or anything one knew anything had even happened lol :hello:
  9. A little lengthy but I'm sure it'll elicit a few laughs.

    I often get a nice head rush when taking GBs because of the lack of oxygen; some more intense than others. My buddy almost invariably smokes GBs, and I invariably experience a head rush from his. One time was a little different from the others though haha.

    So we have the GB on his washing machine (the ritual location) so we can exhale out of the back door. I crush one and turn to the door, which is very literally the last thing I recall while standing up. The next thing I realize is that my legs are soaking wet, then I wonder why my eyes are closed. Then I ponder why I'm staring at the ceiling :rolleyes:

    According to my buddy and my brother, my eyes just faded and I collapsed backwards...still holding onto the GB. Apparently it looked pretty awesome: the mixture of water launching in every direction across the room (almost splashed the ceiling too) and the trail of smoke coming out of my mouth in an arc as my body crumbled to the ground.

    So I'm lying in a puddle of GB water all over the floor, staring up at my buddy who seems a little concerned naturally. He starts smiling and describing what happened. We all laughed once we all realized I was fine, although I did slam my head on the hard floor (just inches from the carpet, damnit!). It was a little frightening because I've never been knocked out like that. I felt pretty unnerved at first, and I was more concerned about cleaning up the mess even though I was completely out of it haha. So I'm mopping up GB water with a towel, feeling a little shaken still. It kind of killed the high though :(

    Of all the times I've smoked standing up, that's never happened before, hasn't happened since either. I suppose sitting down is the safer thing to do anyways though: it'll at least prevent my head from slamming into the ground with six feet worth of acceleration huh?

  10. yeah that happened to me a couple weeks ago. i was smoking a lot more than i'm used to and i was probably dehydrated so i started to feel sick...then my vision blacked out and my hands and arms were shaking and twitching. i'm definately glad i'm not the only one =)
  11. Okay okay, this is a good spot to put the most epic sober story of my life.

    A couple of my friends and I were up at a mountain snowboarding in Vermont. We were walking around the resort just looking at all the scenery and what not. Anyhow, my best friend of 18ish years decides to run ahead, just run. For no fucking apparent reason whatsoever. Anyways, he jumps over a guard rail, and INSTANTLY gets closed lined. It looks like a fucking 500 pound wrestler picked him up and threw him on his ass as hard as he could. He got absolutely owned. What caused this you may ask? Well... There was a telephone pole, and anchoring it to the ground was one of those long, strong stress test wires. Like 2 inches in diameter.

    Anyhow, we were all like OH FUCK OH FUCK, so we run up to him... and I get there just in time to see his eyes roll into the back of his head and he starts convulsing on the ground. I thought I was watching my best friend die. So I started screaming like a school girl, running in circles trying to decide what to do. I was yelling CALL 911 CALL 911, and I ran around in circles on the icy ground trying to find my way towards where we were staying, and a phone. Unfortunately, during this time I fell on the ice and smacked my face on the ground.

    So now me and my friend are laying on the ground. He's passed out, and I'm in fucking pain. My big friend, we'll call him... M. M walks up, picks up the kid who got closed lined. And casually (literally he didnt look scared or anything) just started smacking him in the face yelling WAKE UP IDIOT. I was dazed on the ground. Confused as fuck. Eventually he came-to. Apparently he has some 'problem' where under extreme pain/pressure/stress/fear he passes out. It's happened to him before. We laugh about it now, but it was scary at the time.
  12. ^^^^^DTChi^^^^^hahaha thats sucks.

    I have fallen asleep while hotboxing a car with some friends. Actually, I could see my sleep, and then fell into it....while sitting completely upright with music blaring, and 3 other really loud, high friends. But, I haven't blacked out.
    That sucks
  13. One of my friends passed out from smoking a quarter in an hour when we were at a party. So me and a few other people took this time to fuck with him. So I had the brilliant idea to get him completely naked and put a condom is his bare ass. When he woke up in the morning he was all freaked out. We all laughed and never to this day told him what happened
  14. ^ I'm going to assume you were joking.
  15. yea it happened to all started on a beautiful friday me and my friend were bored so we copped an ounce (half/Half) so we dicided to roll up 5 blunts...1st blunt i was pretty buzzed and so was my friend jacob..2nd i was baked .kept laughing at everything.3rd blunt i was SToNEd..didnt even know where i was i was thinkin about stoping but i didnt want to be a pussy so i kept going..4th blunt i was totally finished i couldnt see a thing i had a bad head rush and everything was blurry and i couldnt even move..jacob looked like a shark for some reason and i was scared to look at him(lol).some how we got to the 5th blunt but i could barley hit it..i was takin very small hits and sometimes i didnt even inhale i was sooo fucked up i passed out and didnt wake up for a while ..when i finally woke up jacob was playin call of duty 4 and i had no clue what happened earlier

    sry it was so long.....:smoking:
  16. Last night.
    Friend and I picked up a 1/4 of mids.
    Rolled 2 blunts.
    I was literally shaking when I stood up after the second blunt and I had to sit back down and didn't move for 2 hours.
    I even puked a little in the bathroom it was so bad.
    The bud looked like shit but goddamn...
  17. That exact same thing happened to me. It also kind of felt like i couldn't feel my body. It was the weirdest thing because i knew i was awake, but i couldn't feel anything or see anything, and it was like my senses didn't work anymore.
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    I blacked out twice in a week, once. The first and last two times it's ever happened to me. The first time was after a night of smoking. I crashed at my friend's place and everything was fine. I woke up the next morning and had to piss, so I went to the bathroom, did my thing, and then stood there for a few seconds just staring at the toilet. The next thing I knew I'm on the ground with my eyes closed, and my entire body was tingling. Very weird.

    (The second time was after a night of drinking so I won't go into that.)
  19. Happened to me before on nothing but a half gram. Except instead of black it was green for me and I didn't fall to the ground involuntarily I just didn't feel like standing up in the condition so I just tipped over and laid in the grass for like 5 minutes
  20. Haha that happened to my friend, he had been drinking and smoking all day and he was just standing there and we were all sitting on the couch and he just passed out and fell foward and hit his head on the coffee table then woke up and jumped back up and was like "What the fuck!" then he passed out again and hit his head on the counter and he stayed knocked out for a while. lol never forget that

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