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  1. Alright, so here's the messed up situation I'm in. My friend and I were going to go into the weed business together, and on one particular night I had more than enough money for an eighth while he was selling his iPod so he could buy a quarter. We were going to reup together, but I decided to go ahead and buy my eighth. I tried to, anyways; every dealer in my area was dry, so we ended up just smoking with whoever had the leftover tree.

    The next day, my friend calls me to see if he can use my scale. I asked him if he had an eighth for me to buy, as he told me to buy from him after he got his quarter. He said he sold out; I thought he was going to walk over, so I walked up to the street to put my scale under the guardrail for him to pick up. He ended up driving over with his brother, which was fine until he decides to walk up to the guardrail and get the scale when I knew my mom would be looking out the window. I handed him the $60 for an eighth because he was going to pick it up for me from our dealer who reupped already. My mom called me out on giving him the money and him going to the guardrail; of course it looked sketchy, he should have just drove off and then walked over so my mom wouldn't be watching...

    I chilled with him a few days later and he still didn't have my tree. He said he was going to call me when he could get out of the house, but then I ended up seeing him at the park and he never called me. I said, "As long as you can get me my eighth by Sunday that's cool." He said oh yeah, for sure by Sunday. It's now Wednesday and he has been ducking my calls, messages on PSN, and every attempt to talk to him.

    So basically, what I am going to do now is call his brother (who I'm cool with) and tell him to deliver a message for me. I'll let him know through his brother that he is the one that decides what happens next. If he keeps ducking me, I'll wait for him up at the high school after school.

    Basically, what I thought was good friend of mine took my money, has my scale and keeps ducking my calls. I've been patient, giving him too many benefit of the doubts, and now I'm giving him his last chance before I pay him a visit. I really don't necessarily need opinions, as I know what I am going to do, but I want to see what you guys think about this stupid situation...:(
  2. make sure he ain't just stuck tryna pick up
  3. I think you should not use violence to obtain your money.....

    60 bucks wont even buy you a lawyer to combat the charges you could face if he reported you, let alone, if he did, be is the victim, and what he says, is what is said, and what you say, is used against you....

    I would use your words.... maybe he cant get weed and feels stupid as fuck.... maybe he did rip you off, well if he did, its probably better to just let it go, or non-violently get the money back.... You do anything, and he gains all the power.... people often do not realize that...
  4. Maybe you shouldn't do drug deals in front of your mom. What are you retarded?
  5. You're going to sell bud but your going to buy 3 grams? :laughing:

  6. he said he was getting an 8th. not 3 grams. sounds like somebody's been getting shorted on their bags ":laughing:" ;)

  7. It was probably a generalization 1/8 = 3.5 grams, tough guy.
  8. ask for your money back and see what he says
  9. LOL this topic has fail posted all over it.
    For instance OP and Bp4er
  10. Who the hell buys .5 of bud? He's going to be able to "sell" about 3 grams and prob smoke the .5 for himself. :p
  11. were yall planning on flipping eigths and quarters till you got up to a an lb?

  12. OMG please keep saying thngs like this....might sig this shit lol
  13. Pretty much; it would be easier to start with a quarter, but I could've sold 3.5 gs real fast, and then keep flipping it. Say what you guys want, but I've been needing to get my shit together for a while so I can smoke constantly; my mom pretty much keeps track of the money I get from my real job, so I can't go out spending it all on bud, because she'll know and flip a shit.

    Gonna get in touch with his brother today and take it from there...
  14. Guys, come the fuck on

  15. Ya I for see a < 18 ban

  16. Op didnt say shit about his age, really pisses me off when people play the whole "OMG IM GONNA GET YOU BANNED UNDERAGER" and have no reason to know their age.....
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    Chill the fck out, op didn't say it but it's still obvious. Seeing as how it's the start of senior year if he is still in high school and is 18 he's been held back a year. Please link me to a single useful or entertaining thread that someone underage has posted.
  18. Ok, first of all, i know multiple people who turned 18 senior year, not held back, its called being older than your class. Second of all, obvious, isnt a good enough reason to ban someone, it needs to be 100% clear, or we have to decide it was clear enough, I dont think this thread warrants enough info to clearly state the ops age.

    I think YOU need to calm down....
  19. You lost abit of weed, he lost a great friend.

    Tell me who the loser is?

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