friend or foe?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by NaughtyDread, Mar 28, 2004.

  1. so i was jus checking on things in my closet and low and behold, i have a guest. and i not a little guest either, he's pretty large and complacent. he at this time period has found a home on the lil miss. i have no idea what type of bug he is, but for anyone that can help me out, id much appreciate it. if he is of no consequence, ill let him hang out, but if he starts munching, he'll wish he never settled into that bush. :)

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  2. see not only human enjoys
  3. *shutters* i fucking hate bugs.
  4. can u maybe get a brighter picture?

    but anything that large...if it was a foe...u would see the damage within 24 hrs.

    and if he is a friend...what is he eating??? tho maybe he just found its little way there?

    and i dont hate bugs...i hate leaches. those are nasty horrid things. chiggers kinda suck too. ticks arnt so fun either, but on the whole, i like most bugs. there is alot of ppl finding out that they cant get certain fruit trees pollinated cuz there are so few bugs and bees especially. poor state of affair when we cant get even our fruit trees pollinated :( if u love apples and peaches...u need to love bugs. and who can hate peaches? only insane ppl hate peaches. so insane ppl hate bugs? makes sense to me.
  5. okay here's another picture. he's not munching yet, and hasnt really moved from where he is at. im wondering where he even came from and how he got there, but bugs are amazing things. like i said ill keep an eye on him, but eventually he's going to get hungry

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  6. it could be a she, and she could be laying eggs, and when they hatch, theyre gonnna be hungry.

    who knows.... just a theory.
  7. yea dread id get her out of there. she soucl be laying eggs. soem bugs dont eat leaf ect but there larve do.
  8. if it hasnt moved from around that same spot, then there is a high chance that she would be protecting its eggs... get out a magnifier n start lookin...
  9. okay the bug will go, i never even thought she, if its a she could be protecting a brood. thats the last thing i will need. because its one ugly bug, certainly dont want hundreds of them running around
  10. yeah definitely take her out...i mean if its a she and her eggs eat your whole crop that would suck a helluva be safe rather than realllly sorry adn just get rid of her
  11. yeah i let her go outside, here she is

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  12. ND, just keep an eye out on things, make sure that there was no eggs and that there isnt anything crawling round whenever you check up on things....
  13. Errr, I'm no bugologist but that really looks like some variety of stinkbug to me. I don't know what they eat, but you can imagine the other consequences...
  14. Wtf?? Y in the fuck you u want that big ass thing in ur colset?? Might drink the nutes and mutate and kill ur ass bro??? Then harvest and smoke ur Dank?? Fuck no get that thing out of there
  15. Dat is one big ass bug rite there!
    Damn man where u livin?
    Im very grateful no bugs like dat one live over here,
  16. I was just thinking---genetically modified weed...LOL!! That way it would be immune to bug (or kill them)

    I dunno about the bug--fucking sick is all I can say.

    Where do you live? I've never seen that bug around here...

  17. i had the same thots...

    stink bugs lay eggs looks like reaaaly small cylinders with little eggs the size of a grain of sugar..keep a sharp eye... becuase if they are laying it on a plant, then for sure the larvae it gonna eat when they hatch, that is...IF its even a female..
  18. Yea dread you shoulda put it under 12/12 and sexed that sucker :D
  19. i don't know what a bugoligist is so i don't think I am one of them, but yeah... it is a stinkbug. poke it a few times and smell him. tastey hunh? They stink like hell, but eat aphids. And aphids eat plants and marihuana is a plant. your in good hands. the larvae, yeah, they might eat plants. Just keep an eye out, because its babys will be microscopic and you are going to be toking fried bug along with your bud. Sounds like good shit.


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