Friend not inviting me to ladies night and telling me I dont have to be at every social thing she do

Discussion in 'General' started by crystal12, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. I am so upset, this girl from my church who I thought was my friend had a ladies night get together and posted pictures on FB, and when I asked what it was for and if it was dress shopping she said "No. We were hanging out. And you dont need to be at every social thing I do, ok? Im sorry, but no." What the heck? She hasnt ever invited me to a single social thing shes done, ever. And then I said well sorry for asking I just felt excluded. She said theres no reason you should have felt excluded. But isnt that what you just did? And then to follow it up with an exclusive remark of I dont need to be at every social event you do. Wth?
  2. Maybe you're a friend just not that kind of friend. There's lots of people I consider my friends but I'm not about to invite them all when I do something. Some people are friends but not the type of friends that require hanging out outside of whatever function brings you together. Church-friends
  3. Daaaamn Daniel back at it again with your church posts.
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  4. You were excluded. Find a new church Crystal, have you tried Seventh Day Adventist? I hear they never exclude anyone from anything, no matter how much you want them to.
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  5. Lol ya I remember those posts
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  6. This seems familiar...
  7. Tell her that she's a bitch.
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  8. Fuck 'em.:coolalt:
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  9. Just go to the fucking bar
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  10. Your friends just hate you and everyone around you the way you describe. So change everything about yourself. I would go into the green berets as a cyborg and destroy my enemies with laser beams.

    I can troll too.

    Sade's outdoor Bigfoot territory grow
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  11. Just show up to her house and take a fat bong rip to the face

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  12. Just eat her snatch.
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  13. fuck that bitch!
  14. Maybe you're hot
  15. Lol, doesn't sound like a friend I would like to have. I would probably be cordial with her but not be so "friend-like" with her anymore. Time to find new friends

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  16. Just ban this person already, fucks sake.
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  17. Yeah OP never posts after the thread is created. What a weird troll.
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