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Friend never wants to throw down?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jeffersong808, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Well i've been smoking out my friend for the longest time (im talking years) and its like he just expects a smoke up. When i ask him for money he makes up excuses like he has to save up or he wont have money for food. So i smoked him up a joint and he wanted to smoke another one. After that , i asked him for $3 but he got salty and said he wont have food later, so he just gave me a dollar. What should i do next time?
  2. give him a can of beans and say pay up fatty
  3. tell him to pitch in or you wont let him smoke. easy stuff
  4. If he can't throw any in, then don't smoke with him a few times. Teach him that it's you being a good friend, not privilige, for him to smoke your weed for free. I'm all for helping out a friend and smokin other people up when they aren't doing so hot, but it shouldn't be a constant thing and especially not expected of him.
  5. Don't light his monkey ass up . When he hits u up be for a sesh be like oh I don't have any but I have a free and papes. Could you cop the bud? Shut his ass right up
  6. It sounds like he may not even be your friend. Either that or he's just a stingy bastard. Just talk to him and tell him you've been smoking him out for years, and you're getting tired of it because you don't have a lot of money for food yourself (even if you do, a little lie wont hurt) and it's starting to affect you, so he either needs to help you out and smoke you out fat since he owes that, or stop smoking with you.
  7. Some of my friends used to be like this, so I told them I won't smoke them up again until they smoke me up and take turns. It worked out.
  8. On one hand I feel bad for the OP's friend... if he's that broke that he literally can't pitch in a few bucks to smoke once in awhile, or else he wont be able to eat, then that's sad. That's his own problem, but still sad.
    On the other hand, it just seems like the friend is a bitch and he shouldn't get salty or bitchy if you ask for money or for him to pitch in.

    Leaching off a friend a little once in awhile is one thing. Getting bitchy because he can't leach off you is another.
  9. Next time he hits you up, tell him you have no bud, if he wants to chill anyways, hes a real friend, and if not, you are being used.
  10. Stop smoking him out if he doesn't throw ins.
  11. yea, i agree with everyone doesnt have to be anything personal..just common courtesy to pitch in after a while if he's been gettin smoked up for free..youre a nice dude though if this has been goin on for YEARS lol
  12. fuck that joto
  13. he answered your question. If he wont have money for food he wont eat right? so if he doesnt have money for weed he wont smoke, and you can make sure of that. Tell him to fuck off or pay its ridiculous how many people use people for smoke and even more ridiculous how people come here to ask if its a problem, of course its a problem! Weed does cost money, just like everything else. No money = no product, whatever it may be. Simple enough ?
  14. Smoke the doobie in front of his face?...
  15. 5 hour body blows in the bathroom or behind the handball courts hahahaha

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