Friend Murdered Over Drugs

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  1. Ive been coming down to Baja, mexico, for all my life over christmas, and have made a few local friends. well, 2 actually. Fidel and Andreas. Well just last year I saw them and talked, same old good people, always up for a chat. Well I guess Fidel got involved dealing drugs down here. I got news yesterday that Fidel has been murdered this week over drugs. (I'm assuming weed) They found his body burned with his fingers toes and penis cut off. Identified him through his cell phone. 2 of the 4 killers have been arrested so far. And he posted on Facebook the night before he went missing "I think someone is trying to kill me". I don't understand what would make a person do such a rediculius thing. I guess they were sending a message, but I didn't think he was high in the ranks. Last year he wasn't a high rolling dealer, just the same great friend that was nice to everybody. I guess I just wanted to share this to so anybody that might be in a situation that could lead to something like this can rethink what they're doing. This isn't a drug town where this happened, it's not even on mainland Mexico or anywhere close to the border. It's a windsurfing/kiteboarding/fishing village that's filled with gringos. It can happen anywhere if you get mixed with the wrong people. ...just something to think about, I hope everyone is staying safe this Christmas. Much love GC.
  2. About to smoke some right now for Fidel. That is such a shame, sorry for your loss..
  3. God damn that's a harsh penalty for dealing they coulda just beat his ass. My thoughts go out to your friend.
  4. He probably saw or said something that shouldn't have been seen or said, or maybe he was taking the wrong people's customers and stepping in on someone's turf. Either way I'm terribly sorry for your friend, I remember when I had guns pulled on me for just 2 ounces..thought that was gonna be the last thing I saw. Crimes like this should never happen over weed.
  5. Sorry about your friend man. It's ridiculous the things people will do over a plant :/
  6. thats some crazy shit... my dude people need to chill
  7. same thing happened last april some kid 15 years old, he was walking with his friend and he had some beef with some crazy guy, turns out he was walking around the hood at 1 o clock am, the friend he was walking with set him up, the crazy guy caught him, took his gun, and shot him with his own gun? he got shot, but his friend freely escaped? two guys cut his dick off put it in his mouth, and cut his eyes out, oh yea and he stabbed him around 15 times, the guy already killed someone, but they let him out because he was "crazy".

    I really dont understand how mad you are or what point you have to make to do that to someone, when im older im gonna tay strapped 24/7 cant trust noone, but sorry about your friend man.
  8. My uncle and his girlfriend went to Mexico one time for drugs. Some people kidnapped his girl and held her for ransom. By the time he had gone to the embassy they had raped and beat her. Mexico's not a good place right now
  9. Man its 100 kills per day in juarez mexico only in the place. Imagine now whole mexico city
  10. They cut off his penis? :eek:
  11. What the hell man, that is sick, sorry to hear that. But they cut off his toes and fingers, and his penis? Damn the cartel does that shit
  12. Mann they don't give a fuck about anything. They do what they pay to do living ovethere is like living in hell
  13. Much love skittles dog im blazed
  14. Mexico is crazy right now, and all of this is because of the drug war, to be honest i'm just going to avoid mexico and south america for quite some time till all of this stuff is sorted out, because this is insane 100+ people dying per day because of gang activity and drugs, either by the police or other gangs.
  15. If I go to Mexico im going strapped up cause ima be fuckin wit some Ps and if someone try to kill me im going out wit a bang
  16. Yeah that's why real *****s go with out fear like me I already know wassup, and I'm saying that I alteady know waasup is bcuz my uncle used to be one till he got kill they say that ppl with out fear are the dumbest ppl in this earth
  17. That's got to be awful for his mother to be told her son was
    mutilated the way he was. At least they found 2 of the killers,
    Most the time the police are lucky to even get a description.
  18. Judging by your grammar i'd be inclined to agree.
  19. People are fucking outrageous. Humans do not do that to humans. These people are savages.

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