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  1. So my friend just told me that he got SUPER baked. He smoked maybe 3 bong bowls and then right after went to hotbox the car with a whole gram. He said he was just chillin and doing his own thing, and he got bored, so he went on the internet. Maybe 30 minutes later, apparently he started jerking off to hardcore gang rape porn, and thought of my best friend while he did it. He told me this just 10 minutes ago, and I'm starting to think maybe he needs help lol, either with the amount he smokes or how he spends his time on the internet lol. Thought you guys might like the story lol, but right now i'm just trying to think of a way to either A. get back at him or B. tell him that was totally uncool and not to tell me that shit or do it ever again lol. Advice? lol
  2. Ask him what site he was on, then find the video and watch it
  3. Read the word porn. Boom.

  4. idk lol.. still kinda weird/offensive that he jerked off thinking about my best friend lol, who is a girl (lol yeah friend zoned)
  5. A bit weird perhaps, but do you ever think of any girls you know while fapping? The subject matter could have been better, but hopefully he was thinking of her features, rather than the scene. Definately let him know it was TMI. :smoke:
  6. dood I just wacked it while readin this thread thinkin' bout you OP.
  7. roflmao at kupkake.
  8. Is getting a boner because I read this wrong?

  9. Grow a pair.
  10. If you didn't like what he said, tell him so. What's so hard about that? As for what he said to you, It sounds like a common porn fantasy to me; I wouldn't worry about it.
  11. When I read the title I thought your friend may have some real issues. Then I find out all he did was get super baked.....and watch some porn? What the hell is so wrong with that.

    I've imagined like 75% of the attractive girls I've met in porn scenarios. That's what dudes do, dude.
  12. ^^ I believe this was the part that initially threw him "hardcore gang rape porn". Coupled with the idea that it was a girl that he has been friends with for a long time. Seems like the initial shock has worn off. :p :smoke:

  13. She isn't yours. Deal with it.
  14. saw your avaatar, boom. boner.
  15. you'll wish you hadn't dumped a good friend for something so trivial when that bitch never fucks you, or cares about you like you do about her. /thread.:smoke:
  16. This is me bragging about how I have guy friends who have told me that they thought about me while masturbating...makes me feel special.

    Jk...but I am proud of the fact that I'm at least fap worthy and that girl should be too.

  17. [​IMG]
  18. ^^ Aahh that guy looks fucking intense. Now all I can imagine is him sitting there violently masturbating in front of a computer screen.

    Yeah...try to get that image out of your head now.

  19. He's a great ex-football referee.

    I can only imagine him disciplining players on the pitch.

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