Friend maybe getting a dui

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Aaronv08, Jun 21, 2003.

  1. well last nite i went to the club like i do every thursday but it was a friends birthday and they wanted to go so we did . . . me and the other guy i was with(john) wasnt able to get in because we wore shoes and we thought we could get in a club called the complex but it was a 21 nite so we went to the stran and they have stricked dress code so we didnt get in we waited for the girls by walking around providence by 1 or 130 they got out and were outside . . . we headed home and as we were in westerly we got pulled over by cops. i was asked to get out and thats about all i remember of that. i got a real vived memory of what happen but i remember running and i think i got away i remember walking home when i was about half way then i dont remember anything else i just woke up wondering how im home. i dont know what happen to him yet and this is real fucked because i dont even know how i got home. i do remember when i was about half way i just in bushes no matter what car went by. but i dont know if i kept doing that i was so wasted.

    ps i didnt even smoke and i still feel so fTrucked up.
    ohh and ill tell u the full story when i figure it out ;)
  2. sounds like a real fucked up situation, that sucks and having a dui really sucks man.

    Hope your friends ok, peace
  3. thanks . . . it ends up that he only got travling with alcohol or something like that and speeding.

    the cop came right to my window(passanger) and asked me to get out first. had me put my hands on the back of the car and he asked me for id. i went to reach for my pocket and he grabbed me and put my hands back on and got it himself. after that he put my wallet back and told me to sit on the front of the cop car. i sat well i watched them ask everyone else nicely to step out and then they searched the car. he first found the alcohol and he admitted he knew it was there. by the way the alcohol that was in the car was the girl that got dropped off right before we got pulled over. but then they found 2 roches and he said he had no idea and they left them. right after the pulled off. and i just got out and walked home because i was so drunk. i still only remember half the walk.

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