Friend mad I smoked without him?

Discussion in 'General' started by yunggoth, Jun 27, 2017.

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    title says it
  2. He's a big boy, he'll live.:coolalt:
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  3. He may have a man crush.
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  4. lol
  5. yeah, sure he be fine tomorrow lmao
  6. ahhhh.... young love.
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    haha xcxcxcx buddy
  8. If you bought the weed use it how you want. It's nice to smoke with friends but the best is being able to smoke and chill with out waiting for someone

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  9. Dude send me an invite to the wedding

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  10. Send me an invite to the baby shower!

    ...............Wait a minute.
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  11. Yay for adoption!

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  12. Did he say he was mad or did he give you the old silent treatment? I hate that one.
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  13. This is why I don't smoke with other people, that and I don't wanna be hanging out with potheads lol.
  14. People that feel like you're obligated to share your drugs with them regularly are the fucking worst.
  15. Well just to play devils advocate here, there are also people who we all smoke out regularly, then the one time they get bud they go hide with it and fail to return the favor.

    Being the op is giving us very limited info we have no context as to why his buddy would be mad.

    For all we know his buddy smoked him out every day for the past year and is mad the op didn't return the favor when the opportunity presented itself.
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  16. Every time we went out, we would both pitch in, however he would pitch in more, but he had a lot more money than me and he doesn't go to school so he is able to work more and get more money
  17. So Walter hit the nail right on the goddamn head. It seems to me OP finally got some pot of his own and smoked it all without waiting for the guy who usually has his back.
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  18. Tell him to put on his big boy panties and STFU. He's a dumbass
  19. This^
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  20. Hmm, I didn't smoke it all but a very good point and I will take it into consideration in the future :)

    Also a group of us all meeting up and I will be smoking them up to celebrate me finishing my exams :D
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