Friend mad at me, whole situation is stupid.

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  1. Yesterday, me and a few friends from my bus (i still ride the bus sometimes:-/) decided it would be a good idea to drink on the bus before we went to school (i had in school suspension, so it wasnt like i'd have to do anything, i was sitting in the same room all day)

    I brought some alcohol from my house, one of my friends "Nia" brought some alcohol from her house, and one of the guys brought syrup (codeine?) She put some of the gin I brought in her cup, as well as a little bit of the syrup. I just had gin and coca-cola in mine, I don't mess with syrup.

    ANYWAYYY, we all drank our concoctions and went into the school, went our seperate ways. Later in the day, I was running a (drunk) errand for the In-School-Suspension teacher and I ran into one of my really good friends, Abby who has first period with Nia.

    Apparantly, from what Abby said, Nia tried to fight one of my really good friends Kayla during class, and they both were suspended now. I texted Kayla later on to see what she had to say about the situation, and she is mad at me. I don't understand this. Yes, some of the alcohol that Nia drank was mine but I can only be responsible for my own actions, the fact that she did not control herself well is not my problem.

    I guess that was just venting, state your opinions?

    I know drinking in school is really stupid.
  2. ughhhh screw alchole on ever level ........i should take my own advice cuz im hungover as shit:(
  3. uh... that's pretty stupid.. why the fuck would you go to school DRUNK?
  4. Yea, I already said that it was stupid, I know this.
    But you'd be surprised how many people at this school do it.
  5. Because it's high school, and that's what high school kids do.
  6. well, fuck me, i'm about to graduate, and in my 4 years at my high school i don't think i've ever heard of one kid coming to school drunk. sure i've heard about kids being high at school almost every day, but being drunk is just stupid since usually kids are too stupid and cant control themselves.

    to the OP, your friend whos mad at you has no reason to be. you are right, it was your other friend's fault for not being able to control herself. i hate hearing about things like this cause it makes me realize how immature people are. they always gotta find someone to blame for dumb shit. hopefully she apologizes to you.
  7. she is so stupid thinking its your fault. I mean seriously its not like you knew she would flip shit for some reason.
  8. She'll get over least you already know the whole thing is stupid :hide:
  9. You're dumb for being drunk at school and your friend is dumb for being mad at you.
  10. Thats what I said. But apparantly, she under the assumption that I also did the codeine stuff, which I can understand her being mad at, because she doesn't do that kind of stuff either.

    But I'm hanging out with her later on today, so I guess it's all good??

    But yesterday was pretty fun...pushing a cart down the hallway drunk is friggin hillarious!

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