Friend Keeps Asking Me For Money?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jeffersong808, Jun 9, 2013.

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    Hes a dealer who is broke cuz he smoked all his shit. No job nothin.
    I gave him $20 in highschool because he was in deep shit from his dealer. Didnt pay me back so I let it slide.

    He lost his e cig in my car so he expected me to pay him back 40. I gave him 20 & told him I was broke but he keeps asking me on a regular basis.

    I just wanna stop hanging out with him. I take him everywhere, job interviews etc and I dont ask for gas money. Keep in mind he calls me to pick him far away when hes stranded somewhere.

    Basically I caught him many times and he keeps calling me 24/7 asking for his 20. What should i do?

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  2. If he lost his e cig in your car, that is completely his responsibility. Not yours. Tell him that. If he keeps asking you to take him places then tell him that the gas is costing you money and that maybe that'd offset the 20 he owes you? Otherwise I'd tell him to figure his own shit out.
  3. Just completely ignore him that's what I do gets rid of dick "friends" I chill with the real niggas.
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    Tell him to stop being a little bitch, then find some new friends
  5. Werd up! 
  6. Do what I do when there is so one I no longer wish to be friends with. Just ignore them all together. You could do what I'm sure people think is "right" and say something. But why be immature and stir the pot? He's not worth any effort so just ignore him and he will take the hint. 
  7. Screw him

    Not literally though

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