friend just got fucked

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  1. well i just heard one of my sorta friend/dealers got fucked over the weekend. i guess the cops pulled him over and found about 2 oz's and a scale in his car. hes like 17, do you think hell be charged as an adult with that and get in a shitload of trouble?
  2. sounds to me like your friend just got royally fucked...
  3. Bummer.

    Seeing as there's nothing showing intent to distribute, I doubt he'll be tried as an adult. A scale isn't evidence alone. What state is this? In CA, you can request treatment instead of jailtime for over an ounce in possesion. There's another law applied when it was in a vehicle I believe. I'm guessing community service and license suspension for a good amount of time.
  4. the state is michigan, but i dunno 2 ounces is pretty severe, i bet there were bags too.
  5. In many small bags?

    Sucks that MI is pretty harsh on chron. He's probably now looking at proby since he's a first timer (I hope) and possibly something on top of that since they will DT him. I've heard they have a dumb law called "drugged driving" or something like that where any detectable level of an illegal substance in bodily fluids can lead to charges.
  6. yea michigan is gay as hell, i forgot about the drugged driving charge hell probably get as well.
  7. that sucks man, my main connect got busted as well recently. he had about a qp on him and he was already on probation i think. he always hooked me and my boys up with fat bags, i will definitely miss this dude cause it looks like he's gonna do some time.

    and i'm in michigan too. lmao. what parts you stay in?
  8. is this his first offense? sounds like your boy needs to find a decent lawyer. if its first offense there is a loophole that offers non reprting probation for 1 year for a first time weed offender. if he gets hit with intent to distribute good possiblitity of seein wayne county from the inside
  9. That does suck op. On probation also will get him some time imo. Hopefully he won't be charged as an adult and will get off easier. I am in Michigan too! Its weird how we are "close" to legalization (medical, and some new thing in Detroit with under an ounce trying to go through), but are laws throw the book at you as hard as (i think...?) almost anywhere else in the states. Hope things work out for him.

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