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Friend just got a Roor

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Little Wing, Jun 29, 2003.

  1. The thing kicked my ass.
    I really don't think any other bong has gotten me that stoned.
    That 18" glass tube packs a punch!!!

  2. yup.... i swear by em..
  3. I really want a roor. Which one did he get? And where did he get it from?
  4. He got the 18" one, there was no ice catcher or diffuser. He plans on getting the diffuser though.

    He got it at the local headshop, seriously though, it blows JBD away.

    It works out perfectly because I had been planning on getting a roor, now I'll just rip my friends instead.
  5. I'm gonna make someone buy me a hundred dollar one for my birthday in about 2 months. The dealer's cup little sista or whatever. It's 14". It's like $103. :) yay for roor. zippo is to lighters as roor is to bongs
  6. Wow, thats pretty cheap for a roor.
  7. Their most expensive one is like $300. I'm gonna get it, but not til after I move out, cause it's a little big and if my mom found it and threw it out I'd be kinda pissed.. :) Also I want to buy one of their cheaper ones to see how the quality is before I dump 3 times the money into it..
  8. This is a funny story.

    I'm ripping my friends bong, after a few times around I'm already completely gone. So it comes back to me, I chalk it up. When clearing it instead of grabbing the slide I grab the scorching hot bowl, lift it up. Don't feel the burning because I am So stoned. Then feel the burning and I put the slide back int he bong and forget about it. Later that night my finger starts burning like a motherfucker and I had to have ice on it all night, until I fell asleep. Now its just a big ass blister.

    The end.

    By the way, roors kick ass.

  9. man, that sucks. i hate burns more than anything, but listen to this.

    couple weeks ago my buddies totally stoned, his drunk is wearing off, and its getting late at the beach. his buddie kicks the fire to put it out. bout 10 seconds later. my friend goes nuts and starts throwing shit around. turns out a coal about the size of a golf ball landed on his arm. and he didnt notice. and it just sat there burning. it went through his jacket, sweatshirt, and skin. it was just a bubbling goey mess, and you could smell burnt flesh wherever he went, it was not appetising in the least.

    he now has a horrible 3rd degree burn (or 1st, whichever is the really bad one) and has to get a skin graft!

    god it looks nasty now. just a mess of scar tissue, nerve endings, and guts. looks kinda like the spiderman suit but the black lines are all white, and the red is wet and goey.
  10. Ahh thats horrible man. I just have a numb ugly blister on my finger.
  11. Little Wing, how much did your friend pay for the 18" RooR?
    I am really thinking of getting one...
  12. Thats Badass! And alot cheaper than I thought they would be.
  13. I homemade roor? I roor is brand of bong my friend. You can make a homemade bong, but not a homemade roor. Roor is the best damn bong out there, and nothing homemade could even compare.
  14. First post here.. I frequent many cultivation sites around the net.. thought I'd show some shots of my roors.. first I started out with a 3.2mm german lil sis (beaker, ice nothces 14" 18mm joint) white label german diffusor.. then I found out how much I loved them and order another couple.. a 45 cm tall german icemaster, sandblasted logo and hemp leaf, cosmos color section blue ice notches, blue german diffusor and 18mm bistable joint upgrade.. turned out lovely.. this is my favorite one currently.. I also own a 24" USA roor double perc (2x filtration) smoothest bong ever! I also own a USA bubble 18" 18mm joint.. and Ive got all the other goodies too.. jars, hats, diffusors, AC..

    Something I love about roor's are the quality and they use better GONG seals then the rest (they joints measure 14/35, 18,35 29/35 when most other companies have 14/20 aand 18/20.. they seat the best..

    and slides.. got a ton of them.. custom ones as well.. Ill get around to posting them sometime.. till then if ya want check out my gallery loaded with tons of roor and hash/kif and flowering photo's..

    also.. got one special roor comming here in the next month.. a collaboration with mike fro.. he collab with german roor in 03.. doing some more this year I snagged one! anyone familiar with mike's work? Its frotastic?

    Attached Files:

  15. jesus daego, thats a lotta cash on bongs
  16. you are my new best friend. that is the sickest collection of RooRs ive ever seen.
  17. What up daego..
    it's xXRooRXx from TC...
    I was wondering why you never stopped by GC.. glad you finally did..
    cya around
  18. always glad to see some familiar handles! You do some great roor photography if I remember correctly? Black label icemaster and AC?

    what can I say its a hobby?
  19. hah, ya man..

    unfortunatley I had a bad run-in with the police, and that roor is no longer with us. :mad:
    I just got a new trinity. Im pretty sure I saw one in your collection. Kinda wish I got another german roor, but I was to frustrated and wanted a replacement fast...

    Im more than happy with the purchase though.. the trinity packs a powerful punch
    check out my gallery
    peace :smoke:

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