friend just drank my piss LOL

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  1. Haha.. yeah, uh... well.. haha so me and my buddy were just breaking in his new #2 bowl with some pretty good weed(bc cross) so we're in my room chillin and he says he's thirsty so i told him to grab a soda. so after another 5 mins or so he's says he's thirsty again.. (last night i bought a 32 oz iced tea.. drank it... pissed in it in the middle of the night cause i didnt wanna go to the bathroom... LOL so uh.. yeah..) so i handed him the cup and said here's some iced tea i got last night... he asked what i did to it... I said nothing.. and i turned my head to look at my computer screen and then i said jk don't drink it, it's my piss.. and i look at him and he spits it out all over HAHAH it was fucking so nasty but so hilarious hahah i feel like a dick but i didn't mean to but wow i'm ripped and it's funny. :D:smoking: and we're about to get some white shark and and trainwreck i'l lbe sure to get some macros up:smoke::yay: and and btw he isn't even really mad... i think he likes piss.:rolleyes:

  2. well now u prob have your piss in ur mouth because u guys are sharing a piece
  3. nah we smoked before that happened.. and now he's leaving so uh.. i'm good. haha.

  4. Ha, I thought I was the only one lazy enough to piss in an empty bottle during the middle of the night.
  5. like he wouldn't know it was piss when it hit his mouth
  6. you turned away like it was cool then you prob watched him drink your piss. You one nasty mofo.
  7. Sounds like quite the refreshing beverage.
  8. lol well he didn't drink it... it went in his mouth and he spit it out.. title's misleading, sorry.
  9. lololololololol pwnd
  10. that's really disgusting, even when stoned, lolol
  11. damn i would be PISSED lmao ahahahha
  12. ...pissing in the bottle?
    thats a prime example of lazy!

    then again I was so stoned i couldn't make it to the bathroom at a friends house..and just peed outside the window.
  13. There is just a shit load of piss swaping in the story.
  14. My boyfriend doesnt like walking across the house in the middle of the night to go, so he just pisses out of my two-story window. At first it was weird but now im used to it haha.
  15. at least i take the bottles of piss outta my room the next morning... this one dude i know has bottles in his room from MONTHS ago...:eek:
  16. Had I drank it...I'd have to kick your ass...fuck I'd try to kill you it would've been some drama...shit like that aint funny.
  17. lol, yeah... I felt bad, though... I didn't mean for him to taste the piss.
  18. this story sounds oddly familiar to one that was posted yesterday about someone drinking water that had been used to wash off another persons dick. so i have trouble believing this happened.
  19. Haha omg dude this make me bust out laughin!!! When I was younger, around 14-15 and lived in this kinda ghetto place I used to just piss out my window at night lol! Even though this Korean next door had secruity cameras everywhere he prob seen me pissin in his backyard :D

  20. :confused_2: i never saw that post.. DAMN BEING ACCUSED OF MAKING STORIES UP FUCKING SUCKS.
    well, in any case... it happened. My friend DID in fact taste my piss. I guess you don't need to believe me if you don't want to..:rolleyes:

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