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Friend Issues

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Autologic010, May 20, 2010.

  1. So I'm pretty sure my best friend / room mate has been taking some of my stash without my consent. Found 4 g's missing this morning when I woke up.
    In short: What to do without destroying friendship. :(
  2. I'm not 100% sure he took it. But I'm not sure who else would have.
    So I have absolutely NO proof he took it.
    So should I confront him about it? Will that make even more issues between us?
  3. Im not sure someone who takes your shit is gonna just stop. Ask him and rehide your stash
  4. the issues are already there dude, you got a thief for a friend. what if it was $50 bucks he stole? or something sentimental. im sure you wouldnt think twice about making more "issues" between you.
  5. Word, I have replaced my stash and we will see where it goes from here.
  6. go up to him and ask him face to face, if you feel some wierd vibes in his answer, then he probably stole it.

  7. Basically was more than 50 dollars :rolleyes:
  8. That's fucked up and I would be pretty pissed, especially for 4 g's, but people do treat their weed differently. My stash got locked at a friend's place one time and when I got it back it was definitely a g missing, he said it wasn't him but his roommate said it probably was. But she also said you shouldn't go leaving your stash out like that and didn't seem to think it was a big deal. I've also got a couple friends who hide their stashes because they know if they don't, their friends/roommates will dip into it while they're gone. But they talk about it like it's just the way things are and, again, not a big deal. My point being that different people have different ideas about how weed should be shared, so maybe in your friend's mind it wasn't really theft but more like, I don't know, borrowing.

    If you do find out for certain he took your shit, I guess you could confront him about it. Or, you could take some of his shit and see if he confronts you. Or just drop him altogether. It all depends on what kind of friendship you have.
  9. well first off DONT ASSUME it was him! that right there could put a real damper on the relationship. i would just ask him, be like, "hey man, did you happen to grab some of my bud by any chance" casually..then see what he says, if he says yes, just tell him "thats really not cool with me man, id rather if you asked me for it since i am paying for the stuff myself, thats stealing"

    sometimes if you smoke someone out a lot, they feel entitled to your weed. my best friend acts like its his weed all the time, and i remind him its definatley not.
  10. not sure he took it? did it smoke itself?

    wake him up to a swift kick in thenuts tomorrow morning and tell him to pack his shit and get the fuck out. stealing from your roommate?
  11. Ask him if he 'borrowed' some, and get a lockbox.
  12. I'd say ask him next time you are smoking up something like "hey did you see the rest of my weed?" or something of that sort. If he says yeah just mention that it's your weed and if he wants some to ask you first. The thing you need to establish is that it is YOUR weed but don't be mean about it because as you said don't go losing a friend.

    Me and my roommate usually split the weed and both pitch in some money, maybe think about doing that.
  13. Dont be a bitch a pussy foot around the issue " Did you steal 4 grams of my weed, man"
    If so, punch him in his face.
  14. this.
  15. Violence over material possessions is never the answer. Rather immature.
  16. i wouldnt beat around the bush like that, if my roommate thinks ive stolen his weed (which i never have, he just smokes all the time and forgets how much he smokes every once in awhile) he flat out asks if i smoked his weed, and i respect him more for that then if he came up and just danced around the question.
  17. dude everyone needs to calm down, just ask him if he did come up with some kind of punishment for him. Don't freak out on him like all these guys are saying.
  18. Tell him not to steal your shit.

    Never ever resort to violence regarding illegal things, that could get uglyier then you actually want. Just keep it quiet, and if he doe's it again, kick him out.

    Simple. Personally, I don't mind if my roommate take's some of my shit. But 4G is pushin' it quite far. But remember, be :cool: about it.
  19. 1. Go to Walmart
    2. Spend 20 bucks on a lockable safe
    3. Keep your weed/other stuff in the safe
    4. Laugh behind your friend's back because he can't steal anymore from him.

    Also, ask that fucker if he stole your bud. Be like, "I know you took four grams of my weed, I expect you to pay me or get me four grams."

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