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Friend is rippin me

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by OzzyTooStoned, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. Go to my friends house and bought a half track for 25, the bud quality is nice. It has nice orange hairs and is pretty crystally and bright green. However I think hes only giving me like a gram compared to 1.7. He doesn't scale it in front of me. He just hands me the bag and thats it. I scaled it at my house and it was 1.4, should i confront him for this or just let it pass?
  2. Confront him, if anything your buddy should be hookin ya up.

    If he says thats the only deal he can give then it's up to you to continue buying from him or not.
  3. Is your friend really constricted on his stash and kinda has to step into it to give to you? Shouldn't be ripping you off with price tho
  4. yeah man definitely you dont have to be aggressive just say "look man i have a scale if your gonna short me just tell me so i can either buy from someone else or expect to get less for my money when i come to you" hell either stop or tell u to go somewhere else..nbd
  5. well put
  6. Thanks guys I really appreciate the feedback. I'll just confront him or pull him aside and talk to him. Thanks guys.

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